Whispered Secrets: Song of Sorrow Review (Collector’s Edition)

There’s a brand new Whispered Secrets available for download on Big Fish Games and I am here if it’s worth spending money on it or not! Whispered Secrets: Song of Sorrow is the name of the new hidden object adventure that takes a turn to zombie-like creatures (but fortunately without any brain-eating involved, nor any actual gore).

In this game, you survive a shipwreck only to find yourself washed up on an island that would’ve rather stayed undisturbed. Together with the handsome fellow shipmate – the Frenchman Noel – and the help of a villager, you must save the day (and the night). People in the village are controlled by an ill-doing siren who won’t stop until she has everybody under her spell. So you must race against the time and turn this mess into a beautiful paradise. Or at least get out of there alive and well!


The adventure is based more on exploration and puzzle-solving, with minigames taking most of the time. Hidden object scenes are unfortunately rare and relatively easy. To make things even worse in my opinion, you will replay the same HOS during your adventure, which doesn’t impress much, on the contrary! The minigames are simple, with a few exceptions that are themed to the siren-story and seem nice. The hidden object scenes have glittery gems as collectibles and not much else.

The graphics of the game are also a hit and miss: on some occasions, you have beautifully drawn scenes and amazing objects, just to switch to strangely behaving and looking characters in the next. I don’t really like the animations in this game, while the cutscenes themselves seem a bit washed out. Strangely, the voice overs are of solid quality and even the music manages to keep up with the game’s pace and add some extra value to the scenes.

My biggest problem with the Collector’s Edition of Whispered Secrets: Song of Sorrow is that it somehow fails to deliver during the entire game experience. You only have one type of collectible (the gems that are easy to spot), the game itself is extremely easy and you’ll cruise through it without a problem and some of the animations simply don’t manage to impress. It’s true that the game offers two bonus chapters – which is something that you don’t really get from hidden object adventures, but I personally think it would’ve been better to have the regular one extra chapter and a better main game overall.


Even though my review might seem to reflect a game that’s a complete waste of time, that’s not entirely true. Indeed, Whispered Secrets: Song of Sorrow is not a memorable game and diehard fans of the genre will quickly get over it, but it is not a completely horrible game either. It doesn’t shine, but it has its moments, so if you have some extra time to spend – or you prefer playing games that are not extremely challenging (maybe you’re just starting exploring this genre), you will find it as a good choice.

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