Whispered Secrets: Golden Silence Review (Collector’s Edition)

The third game in the Whispered Secrets series, Golden Silece is a game you have to talk about! The previous two have been of really high quality and you should not be surprised to hear that this one follows the same route. Even though story-wise, it doesn’t bring tons of originality to the table, we know that most hidden object adventures follow the same patterns, so let’s see if this particular one manages to do it nicely: read on our Whispered Secrets: Golden Silence review!

When Bill Turner’s wife hires you to find her missing husband in a mysterious mining town, it’s pretty obvious that you have some real digging to do! It’s not clear what happened to the man, but it’s pretty obvious that the mayor and townspeople are clearly trying to hide something – and they ever send somebody on your trail. It’s a difficult situation, but I’m sure you’re not a person who’s afraid of a little challenge. Plus, you certainly have some mystery solving skills already, and this story needs a happy ending – one that you can bring!

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Even though the story itself has been said in the past, in a a way or another, Whispered Secrets: Golden Silence manages to come with a nice approach and the adventure itself is really enjoyable. You can make it as difficult as you want it to bee, with three different difficulty modes (and a custom mode, if that’s not enough for you) and, no matter what you choose, you will surely have a ton of fun doing it. The hidden object scenes are beautiful and varied (but in case you’re, for some reason, not a fan, you can play Match-3 games instead) with most of them being interactive list finds. The puzzles and mini-games are aplenty and challenging enough to increase the play time a little bit and offer much needed variety: from dexterity to moving/sliding puzzle variation and even some logic puzzles, we’ve got a bit of everything and the developers prove that they did their best to keep us as entertained as possible.

The graphics are absolutely beautiful: a mixture between realistic and cartoonish, they are colorful and bright, with the mining theme being exploited to the maximum and turned into real eye candy. Surprisingly, event he soundtrack and all the voice acting are really good, which is something we don’t normally get from hidden object games. This is another proof, in my opinion, that the people behind Whispered Secrets: Golden Silence did their best to offer us some real quality.

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Even though not insanely original or revolutionary, this title manages to do everything just right and it’s all in the small touches: from the beautiful artwork to gameplay elements and concepts (like the helper, for example, which doesn’t bother you at all and, well, really helps!), we’ve got it all here in the game.

The Collector’s Edition that we’ve reviewed also comes with more gameplay time in terms of new adventures, as well as achievements, wallpapers, team photos and collectibles. All these make it a great deal for your money, so you should really not ignore the CE if you have the money for the upgrade.

All in all, Whispered Secrets: Golden Silence is a very good game that fans of the hidden object adventures will get to love as soon as they start playing!

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1 thought on “Whispered Secrets: Golden Silence Review (Collector’s Edition)”

  1. Well.. in my opinion game was a little messy… Why there had to be a curse? Was a king evil afterall or did he just try to save his beloved? Why little sister turned her into a gold vein.. so many guestions.

    The game was beautifully made, i liked part of the soundtrack and game wasnt too short.
    Messy plot was a thing that made me confused.


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