Where Angels Cry: Tears of the Fallen Review

Where Angles Cry, an adventure awaits. And if the Tears of the Fallen are flooding a village, then there’s definitely something really, really bad going on. Can you stop it? Well, you sure have to if you decide to play today’s game, Where Angels Cry: Tears of the Fallen!

It’s the 13th century and you are Vatican’s best secret agent. You are sent in the remote village of Portonero in Spain where Inquisitor Augustine has gone bananas over his search for witch Miguela the Wolf Queen and started to wreak terror over the entire village, playing with fire and killing innocent people over his madness. There’s a difficult mission for you ahead, but one you’ll love to complete! Or not.

Indeed, this is a game that you will either love or hate and hopefully this review will help you choose a side. Despite some incredible graphics, Where Angels Cry: Tears of the Fallen is a pretty old school title. There is a lot of walking around and exploring that you have to do in order to find items and combine them to create quest items or to simply progress through the game. This is a mechanic that fewer and fewer HOGs are using nowadays, but an important element of old and modern adventure games – so in the end, it’s all based on your personal preferences. Do you mind exploring and searching for items to group them together, or you prefer a linear, “visit once and never come back to that area” type of game? If it matters, I really liked the extra challenge thrown in by this mechanic and the game overall.

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Now that we’ve gotten past the most sensitive aspect of the game, everything is pretty smooth from now on: the hidden object games are well made, even though a bit silly sometimes, ruining the credibility of the game. I mean, for a title set in the 13th century, I wouldn’t expect having to collect Christmas cookie cutters, modern tools and so on. But this is just a minor inconvenient that doesn’t really ruin the overall experience, just feels strange in the given setting. Oh, and there are no morphing objects either, which can be indeed considered a Con today.

The mini games are fun and interesting, even though most of them are on the simple side. Quick and fun, just a way to distract you a bit from your exploration and hidden object scenes which will definitely take up most of your time.

The graphics are absolutely beautiful and the developers of Where Angels Cry: Tears of the Fallen really manage to throw at us some of the best visuals we’ve seen in a hidden object game, which is definitely a big plus. However, it’s all evened out by a drab soundtrack and effects that become boring – up to the point of plain annoying – eventually. But you can turn the speakers off and enjoy the beautiful artwork and you’re still winning!

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Having played the Collector’s Edition, we did have the regular goodies: achievements, collectibles, concept art, wallpapers and so on. As I said, there are no morphing objects, which is kind of sad, but you have the option to replay scenes from the past, as well as enjoy a brand new chapter, so overall there’s good value coming from the Where Angels Cry: Tears of the Fallen Collector’s Edition, without throwing you out of your socks in McScrooge’s basement.

All in all, I enjoyed Where Angels Cry: Tears of the Fallen quite a bit: from the story and the final confrontation with the Inquisitor, to the eye candy graphics and added challenge from the combined items that I had to find, so I would recommend the game to all likeminded people. But if you’re more into fast paced, quick progressing hidden object adventures, you might want to put this one aside as it might not be the one for you.

Want to give it a try? Click here to download Where Angels Cry: Tears of the Fallen and see what it’s all about!

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