When in Rome Review

If you think that you have what it takes to help the Roman empire expand and turn Rome into a flourishing empire, then When in Rome – a time management game available over at Big Fish Games is the title you should be looking for!

The game tells the story of Flavius, an experienced and legendary warrior who was badly injured during a fight and had to retire the sword and armor and instead help the empire with his managing skills. You will be the right hand of Flavius and you will help him with the daily chores, making sure that you follow the Empereor’s orders and eventually develop territory, build up trades and create the flourishing empire we were talking about in the intro.

The story is pretty basic for such a game and unfortunately for the gamer looking for some revolutionary excitement, there’s none of it in When in Rome. This is your basic time management game where you have to handle resource gathering and construction in a nice environment. And even though there are no real new things that this game puts on the table, it does a good job and caters to both experienced players (since it has more game modes) and those new to the genre.

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The nice thing about When in Rome is that in the later stages it requires some sort of planning and strategy, which is always good in such a game. We have our basic gameplay boosts, like extra workers and speed bonuses which will help us on our quest to meet the goals: collect resources, complete buildings, rinse and repeat.

Visually, When in Rome looks really nice with its colorful and bright graphics and the animations are also flawless and pretty cute. The sound is not on the same page and the only reason why I kept it on was for me to hear the bell ring when production was ready.

The game has 41 missions for you to master (meaning that you can replay missions until you are satisfied with your progress) and offers quite some value for the money – don’t forget that you can use the NEW299 coupon code when purchasing the game if you are a new customer and you will get it for just $2.99. It’s totally worth it!

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All in all, When in Rome is a pretty decent time management game with good visuals and relaxed gameplay mechanics. It is true, it does not revolutionize the genre, nor does it manage to blow you out of your socks, but the experience it delivers is pretty solid and I don’t think that many fans of the genre will find any reasons to complain. Except for the music, but we always complain about it!

Download When in Rome here

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