War in a Box: Paper Tanks Review (Big Fish Games)

It seems that the folks over at Big Fish Games are doing their best to offer us more than Hidden Object games and this time they are challenging us with a tower defense title, War in a Box: Paper Tanks after giving us a physics based puzzler just the day before (I am talking about Lost Head, reviewed here). I am going to share with you my impressions on the game in this review and help you decide if you should give it a try or not!

I must start by saying that I am a big fan of tower defense games but, despite that, I haven’t played the iPhone version so I was completely new to War in a Box: Paper Tanks. The concept, if you have played a similar game in the past, is simple: you have to place “towers” which shoot at enemies coming and following a predefined route and you must do your best to destroy them all.

What I really liked was the whole idea of the game – with the paper tanks and such. Until now, we kept seeing all sorts of monsters, and getting back to the basics was a nice call from the developers of the game.

However, not all about War in a Box: Paper Tanks made me like the game. What I disliked the most was the very limited options that you had when it came to placing your towers: there are just a few specific spots per level which kind of take away from your freedom and reduce strategizing to a minimum, because there isn’t much strategy involved when you have to choose one of the three available spots for your tower. Of course, there are more spots and it’s all about choosing the right tower and place it in the right spot, but I would’ve liked more freedom for the placements – this would’ve increased the speed of the game too!

However, the variety of units is pretty impressive and the level design is smartly done, not to mention the fact that the game itself looks absolutely amazing and the 3D visuals bring a lot of value to the game. The graphics are indeed great and go perfectly hand in hand with the theme of the game, which is always a great bonus.

The difficulty level is pretty high, especially as you proceed through the levels and you will have to use all the powers and upgrades that you can in order to complete the levels. Things are pretty balanced though, so you will rarely consider yourself overwhelmed – or at least you will rarely do if you understand the game and get better at it. The only problem is that the limited number of towers and placement options give you the sensation that things are moving slower than they should, despite having the button to increase speed time.

All in all, War in a Box: Paper Tanks is a tower defense game I really enjoyed and I consider it a good break from all the hidden object and match three challenges that BFG usually offers. So if you’re looking for a breath of fresh air and some fun, this could be a good game for you, especially if you don’t consider yourself a hardcore tower defense gamer!

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