Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director 3 Review

I often feel the need to play an old fashion hidden object game. I’m talking about those games where your sole purpose in the game is to search for items one scene after another and not bother too much about the story or anything else. It’s calming, relaxing and extremely fun. And fortunately, today I don’t have to replay one of the older games I own because Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director 3 is here and it delivers exactly what I need!

I will be honest with you and admit that I haven’t played yet the previous two games, so I can’t really compare this one with them, but one thing is certain: I will surely buy them as well because it seems that they’re all pretty similar. That’s how much I loved this game!

In Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director 3 you are a Cruise Director and you must make sure that your passengers have a great experience on the ship and during all the fun excursions that will take you all the way to Alaska, the Bahamas or even Africa. One little thing that I enjoyed was the fact that you can choose your gender when you start the game: that’s a fresh thing and I can finally play the male protagonist, after being in so many games the lady who saves the day.

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This is purely a hidden object game, meaning that you will play one hidden object scene after another, with short intermissions: minigames that require you to complete some small challenges that go well hand in hand with the cruise theme of the game. The minigames are easy and enjoyable, offering a short break for your eyes after completing a HOS.

Since the things that I usually enjoy playing the most in HOPAs are the hidden object scenes, you can imagine that I was in heaven playing this game. Fortunately, all the scenes are really well made, with crisp and clear graphics that are close to reality and picture-like. There is a huge variety of items to look for and some sort of interaction as well: mostly you will have to look for objects on the list, but there are also lost items and recyclable items that are optional in each scene. There are also items that you have to drag to their right place, or hidden items. So all in all, you get a nice challenge from the game.

Collecting items rewards you with coins that can be spent on purchasing unlockables in the game and you can replay each scene over and over again, each time getting different items on your “to find” list. This is the reason why I always hit the replay button after completing the scene: I get to replay it, but with a new set of items and therefore I get a game that lasts twice as long and I have twice as much fun!

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Of course, you might not have the same impression as I do. This is not your regular hidden object adventure game. There’s not walking around, no helpful animals, no inventory and such. This is purely a hidden object game with minigames between each scene and nothing more. There are no time limits and the entire experience is relaxing and calming, perfect after a busy day at work. That’s why I actually love it so much – but if you’re only for the more complex, adventure filled titles, you might wish to skip this one.

If not, hop on the USS Liberty of the Waves and prepare for an amazing experience in Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director 3! It has great lifelike graphics, tons of items for you to find and a great, choose-you-own-pace type of gameplay. I personally believe that we need more games like Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director 3 in our lives!

Want to play it? Click here to download and play on Big Fish Games.

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