Top 5 Best Hidden Object Games of the Month: November 2015

I’ve decided to kick off a brand new feature here at Casual Game Reviews: since most of the people visiting our website are fans of Hidden Object Adventures, we’ve decided to help them (which is YOU!) find the best games to play, and if our reviews are not enough for that and you want a more compact list, we’ve got you covered! Starting this month, we’ll be sharing with you our Top 5 best hidden object games of the month – a list that we give you by putting together the best hidden object games launched in the the previous month. In other words, this month’s top list is based on the best titles launched in October on Big Fish Games.

So let’s not waste any time, there are a lot of mysteries waiting to be solved: let’s check out below the best hidden object games of November 2015!

Amaranthine Voyage: The Orb of Purity

Amaranthine Voyage The Orb of Purity review 03

Prof. Bennett managed to make a breakthrough with her harmonium research, but one that is certainly more than she can handle: that’s proven when Kraixx, a man from another planet, comes through the portal. Without much life left in his body, he has to be saved – only to find out that his entire world needs saving too after losing the harmonium balance. A balance that also threatens Earth, so you must act quickly! And as if these were not enough to make your job a real challenge, you will also have to face and defeat the Watchers, a group that has slightly different interests. Read on our full review here. Click here to download and play this game.

Off the Record: The Final Interview

off the record review 02

You are accused of attempted murder: you were the last person to talk to renowned horse breeder Calvin Reedly, before he had a life-threatening heart attack. The biggest problem? You don’t remember anything about this, because you had an accident of your own and lost your memory during a car crash. Therefore, you have no other option than to track back everything, one step at a time, clear your name and find out who did it. Prepare for a roller-coaster ride involving blackmail, fraud, deception and the constant question: who did it? A good mystery, in other words! Read our full review here and click here to download the game.

European Mystery: Flowers of Death

european mystery review 01

You’re the detective summoned in the Netherlands, after a strain of toxic flowers appeared in a city to put people into a deep coma-like sleep without any apparent reason. So instead of rushing to see the tulips, you’ll have to get past that annoying and hostile officer that doesn’t seem interested to help you and ignore most of the locals who seem to be hiding something (obviously!). Well, at least one of them is a friend as he gives you a small portable cabinet that allows you to create the cure for the different types of polen-poison flying around! So, in the end, you might even get the chance to enjoy a schnitzel and a strudel! Check out the full review here and make sure to download the game from Big Fish Games.

League of Light: Silent Mountain

07 league of light

When a fellow agent goes missing near the mountain town of Stoneville, you are sent by the League of Light to find her. But you quickly realize this is no ordinary town… Strange rock formations appear out of nowhere, and objects in your hands turn to stone before your very eyes! The village has been cut off from the world for years with no explanation. Why did the townspeople isolate themselves? What terrible secret were they hiding? Download here.

Mystery Case Files: Key to Ravenhearst

09 mystery case files

Eipix’s continuation of the blockbuster Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure series will leave you breathless, with loads of mini-games embedded throughout your adventure. Find them tucked away in Charles Dalimar’s Enigma, inside hidden-object puzzles, and layered within super puzzles. You’ll also have a variety of HOPs to enjoy, including silhouette, listed, interactive, and more! Click here to check out the game!

Let me know if you enjoy our new feature and tell me if you’d like it to include more games (maybe a top 10) or/and all the genres, including Time Management, Simulation and Card Games!

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