The Dreamatorium of Dr. Magnus Review

It has been so long since I have seen a game world so beautifully drawn as the one of The Dreamatorium of Dr. Magnus – this is probably the first thing that you will notice too when you will start playing this game, a mix of adventure with hidden object mechanics. Is this title worth your money? Check out our review and find out for yourself!

The game puts you in the shoes of detective Sarah Green who has to solve the mystery of a missing town doctor, who withdrew from society following the tragic death of his wife and daughter in a car accident. In his despair, Dr. Magnus became obsessed with the idea of contacting the souls of his loved ones. He began conducting ever more dangerous experiments ruinous to his own health until he himself, disappeared. Now it’s your quest to find out what happened.

The story, although not exactly unique (all these games have to have a missing person, don’t they?) is pretty interesting and the “dream world” created in The Dreamatorium of Dr. Magnus is extremely nice.

The game plays out as an adventure title where you have to solve this mystery and many hidden object scenes are mixed in the gameplay and help you take a break from the puzzles. All the scenes, just like the entire game, are very well drawn and look great, being difficult enough without having the scenes too crowded and without forcing you to use the magnifying glass or feel that your eyes are ready to explode. But you should also be ready for a lot of exploring too, as in most adventure games, so it’s not all about going from scene to scene in order to find new objects – there are puzzles to solve and an actual story to get into and love.

The game’s biggest thing is the artwork which is colorful, vibrant and extremely well done, with some real breathtaking scenes here and there – you can only love them! The sound is pretty nice too and there’s no voice-over or too many sound effects either. The entire mood is relaxing and casual, and the sounds are not there to ruin it for you.

The Dreamatorium of Dr. Magnus comes with two modes of play: casual and advanced, the latter being, obviously, for those who want a challenge (there are no sparkles and the hints fill up a lot slower). Except for that, we get the same experience from both modes.

So all in all, The Dreamatorium of Dr. Magnus is a fun, brightly colored and incredibly well looking game that you should at least try over at Big Fish Games. I am sure you will love the story and the experience itself!

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