The Agency of Anomalies: The Last Performance Review

If you are a fan of hidden object game adventures, then you probably hold the Agency of Anomalies in high regard and you will be really happy to hear that a new game in the series has been launched: The Agency of Anomalies: The Last Performance. Before buying it, you will most likely want to know if it’s worth the money and I am here to tell you the correct answer.

The story in The Agency of Anomalies: The Last Performance is not what we could call a basic hidden object adventure story: you are an agent of the Agency who is tasked to help the performers of a theater to restore their human form after exposing a secret brotherhood called The Seekers who have no good intentions whatsoever. This a good twist to the “your brother went missing” storyline of the regular hidden object games, even though we still have the “required” missing persons too!

The best part of The Agency of Anomalies: The Last Performance is the balance the developers managed to find when they mixed all the gameplay elements (the HOS, the adventure puzzles and the mini-games), while balancing perfectly the levels of challenge and difficulty. The hidden object scenes are clutter free and flawlessly made: it will be a joy to search for the indicated items that you have to find and you should have no eye problems afterwards.

The game also introduces a set of special powers that the character can learn (there’s a total of 5 of them) that will be used to complete some of the challenges, and this is a great addition that increases all the paranormal setting. Add to that challenging mini-games and puzzles, plus a set of achievements to earn and the possibility to play previous levels and you will get all you can ask for from a quality hidden object game.

Maybe the only problem with the gameplay is the lack of a map to make navigation a little easier, but backtracking is pretty logical and I don’t think this will be a major problem (if “problem” at all) for most of the casual gamers.

Visually, the game looks good and rises to the standards. It isn’t breathtaking and I almost wanted to scream for something better to give this game a perfect rating, but the graphics are not, by any means, poor or mediocre. It’s just that the game itself is so well done that you have the feeling that even the visuals could’ve been better.

The sound of the game is majestic too, with high quality voice overs and an overall soundtrack that follows you throughout the game and never gets boring.

All in all, The Agency of Anomalies: The Last Performance doesn’t fail to meet the expectations you might have from an Agency of Anomalies title and provides hours of great fun. It even comes with a launch offer (that is certainly limited) that allows you to get any of the other games in the series at a discounted price, but check out Big Fish Games to see if the offer still stands. And even if it doesn’t, you should still seriously consider giving this game a try!

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