Tales of Terror: Estate of the Heart Review

Do you believe in ghosts? What seems like a question kids ask at night to scare each other, turns into a very serious and potentially life-threatening question in Tales of Terror: Estate of the Heart – a spooky hidden object adventure game featuring ghosts, jump scare moments and other goodies for the grown up gamers.

You start exploring the Heart Estate together with your Dad and best friend, each of them having a different approach regarding the story that the mansion you’re visiting is actually haunted: your dad believes that ghosts are not real, while Jesse is convinced they are. In the end, one of them will be right, but you won’t find out the answer until you rescue both and explore the haunted house entirely to uncover its deepest and scariest secrets. A good story that’s made even better by some excellent writing!

The hidden object scenes are very well done, with silhouette and list finds, with morphing objects and there’s also in the Collector’s Edition a small surprise hidden within each scene, so keep your eyes open at all times! The minigames are really nice as well and if perfectly with the rest of the game – they can be tricky now and then but usually they are relatively simple.

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In terms of visuals, Tales of Terror: Estate of the Heart is a real joy to the eye: the graphics are crisp and colorful, realistic and the art is made to perfectly fit the situation. The animations are great as well and you will have jump scare moments throughout the game, pumping adrenaline into your body and keeping you alert as you play. The music also plays an important role here, with a great soundtrack keeping you on your toes constantly and providing amazing voiceovers as well. You will love it!

Regarding the atmosphere, just like in all the other aspects, Tales of Terror: Estate of the Heart manages to excel: this is a dark, deep game that will keep your heart beating and maximum intensity at all times. It is spooky and creepy without being too scary, even though it has some jump scare moments as well. It is intense and exciting, well written and flawlessly made. A very, very pleasant surprise that fans of the grittier side will completely enjoy. There are no furry animals and rainbow unicorns here, but oh, this game is so fine!

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The Collector’s Edition of the game offers a bonus chapter, as well as collectibles, achievements, wallpapers and soundtrack – all the bling that we love about the CEs and they’re all top notch, just like the game itself. Highly recommended! This is one of the best games of the month and definitely already a contender for the list of the best games of the year.

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