Surface: Virtual Detective Review (Collector’s Edition)

The hidden object genre is not one that throws at us a ton of sci-fi, futuristic stories and you can imagine my surprise when I found out about Surface: Virtual Detective. Tackling the Virtual Reality trend that’s growing bigger and bigger in today’s real world and adapting it to the HOPA genre, Surface: Virtual Detective … Read moreSurface: Virtual Detective Review (Collector’s Edition)

Surface: Lost Tales Review

I didn’t have much time to enjoy my fair share of hidden object adventures lately, but as soon as I found out that a new game in the Surface series was out, I just had to put everything on hold, get it and play it. Read on this Surface: Lost Tales review to find out … Read moreSurface: Lost Tales Review

Surface: Return to Another World Review

It’s time to take a dive into the murky waters and explore another world in Surface: Return to Another World, a brand new hidden object adventure by Elephant Games, who decide to take us back home and challenge us with new mysteries and adventure. You once again play as Jill, who is called back home … Read moreSurface: Return to Another World Review