Surface: Return to Another World Review

It’s time to take a dive into the murky waters and explore another world in Surface: Return to Another World, a brand new hidden object adventure by Elephant Games, who decide to take us back home and challenge us with new mysteries and adventure.

You once again play as Jill, who is called back home by her mother to the hometown of Lightfalls, where strange things started to happen: a curse seems to have taken over the city, with people disappearing (into another world, an underwater one!) and turning the city into a ghost town. Could it be the misunderstood and mistreated boy that is the root of all evil? Well, if you’ve played hidden object adventures in the past, you know the answer, but you’ll still play it for the fun. And, despite the story having its fair share of cliches, you will get more and more into the entire adventure as you play: by the end, I was completely drawn in and insanely curious to see how it all ends. And, without spoiling anything, let me tell you that it’s all worth it!

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Apart from the story, which gets a bit cheesy here and there, I really loved the minigames and puzzles in Surface: Return to Another World. Many are unique and most of them are extremely interesting: you will have to control puppets on a string to match their shadows, you will have to play stealth minigames and many, many other things that you will definitely love. And you won’t get frustrated with them either since they are relatively easy to complete: but not before some of them throw at you a nice challenge!

The hidden object scenes are decent and interactive, with shapes and silhouettes and multi items involved, but in my case, the mini games got the spotlight more often than not. This doesn’t mean that the HoS are not good, it just means that the puzzles are better. And I rarely say that in a hidden object adventure!

Visually, Surface: Return to Another World is decent. Unfortunately, I feel that they could’ve done better in this area. Even though the graphics are not horrible or even poor, they could’ve been better and some scenes seem to be a bit rushed, while most of the artwork is just… decent. Nothing to really blow you away, nothing stellar, nothing to write home about. But overall, it goes in well with the great story that grows on you, with the amazing gameplay and everything else, so you won’t have any real reasons to complain.

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Getting the Collector’s Edition means that you also get a bonus chapter, 22 Achievements, a ton of flowers to collect throughout your adventure, creatures to collect, plus the regular number of replayable minigames and hidden object scenes, music, wallpapers, artwork and so on. A good bonus that is well worth the extra money.

Surface: Return to Another World is, in the end, a great game that’s great for both fans of the series and those new to it. You’ll get a real treat from the minigames, which are smart and unique and I am sure you’ll love the game!

Click here to download Surface: Return to Another World on Big Fish Games.

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