Surface: Lost Tales Review

I didn’t have much time to enjoy my fair share of hidden object adventures lately, but as soon as I found out that a new game in the Surface series was out, I just had to put everything on hold, get it and play it. Read on this Surface: Lost Tales review to find out if I liked this new title by Elephant Games!

The game starts like a storm with a really good story line. Or, better said, a great approach to an otherwise “did-that-before” story line: the Book of Fairy Tales might’ve been destroyed and some of its pages got scattered across Fairyland and the real world, with the fairy tale characters themselves finding them in both words and trying to figure out what’s happening.

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You’re playing as Cindy Allen (aka Cinderella in Fairyland) and together with the help of your cat (the charming Cheshire Cat) and your therapist (the White Rabbit) you must save the day, restore order in both worlds and make sure that the bad guy – the Huntsman doesn’t get his happy ending. Along your exciting and well written, well executed adventure, you will meet a lot of fantasy and fairy tale characters, while traveling to some extremely interesting places.

Gameplay wise, things are just as good or maybe even better. If the story is not extremely new and you have already seen or heard it with slight alterations, it’s the execution and gameplay elements that make it so beautiful. The hidden object scenes are excellently crafted and varied, from regular list finds to silhouettes and even placing items back in the scene where they belong. Those who still love this part of the HOPAs will be delighted with the quality of the hidden object scenes.

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You’ll get a plenty of puzzles to solve too, also extremely varied and instantly charming. They vary in difficulty form extremely easy to really difficult, but they are all so well done that you won’t skip any and won’t give up before you complete them all.

Since I am reviewing a Collector’s Edition, we have to mention the extra goodies you get from it: achievements, over 100 Forget-Me-Not flowers to collect, morphing objects, wallpapers, concept arts and so on. We also get a Strategy Guide in case you get stuck (I didn’t have to use it!) and an extra game that brings Hansel & Gretel into the spotlight and is just as good as the main game, even though I personally liked the main story better.

The visuals are just as good as the entire game: great animations and scenes, beautifully drawn characters and great attention is paid to detail, with the style working flawlessly with the genre. The music is great as well, the soundtrack managing to keep you alert and your heart beating fast from start to finish.

Overall, Surface: Lost Tales is one of the better games in the series and both fans of older Surface games as well as those new to this series will love it just as much. I am happy I took some time off to play it, it was extremely high quality entertainment and I was, when it ended, relaxed and happy – so prepare to feel the same!

Click here to download & play Surface: Lost Tales right now.

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