Subliminal Realms: The Masterpiece Collector’s Edition Review

It seems that casual game makers invest the greatest amount of creativity and resources in Hidden Object adventure titles. The genre has evolved insanely in the past few years and hopefully they will be able to keep on delivering innovative concepts and amazing titles – even though I wouldn’t mind at all if they would push forward the other genres as well.

But we’re not here to contemplate on how much the HoG have evolved compared to other Genres, but to fully enjoy the progress and advances – and we’ll get the most out of everything in Subliminal Realms: The Masterpiece Collector’s Edition, a brilliant, must have hidden object adventure game!

The story itself is haunting and beautiful at the same time: the game tells the story of Albert, a successful painter who starts having nightmares about a strange monster he decides to name Solitude. One day, the nightmares come to live when Solitude manages to exit the dreams world and kidnaps Albert’s family, taking them inside a painting. So you have to go deep into the paintings – armed with nothing but your wits and a paintbrush – and save your family before it’s too late. A really good story that makes us remember the great Robin Williams movie What Dreams May Come.

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But it’s not just the story that makes Subliminal Realms: The Masterpiece a must play game! The graphics and all visuals you’ll encounter are absolutely breathtaking and, simply put, wonderful. Bright colors and amazing art – that’s what you’re going to get during your adventure, in a world that’s both mad and beautiful, both creepy and heartwarming at the same time. And you can rarely say something similar about the graphics in today’s games.

The gameplay is delightfully pleasant as well and you will also get a pretty lengthy game compared to what you’re used with in the hidden object world. The hidden object scenes themselves are really unique and different from other games, they force you to keep an open mind and open your eyes to find the objects – a real challenge sometimes, without it being frustrating or draining to your eyes.

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It’s not just the HoS that come like a fresh breath of air in Subliminal Realms: The Masterpiece, but the minigames too, which are original and creative, smart and fun to play, offering just as much of a challenge as it is needed for you to spend a while on them, but without them being horribly difficult.

The Collector’s Edition that we’re reviewing today also comes with a Strategy Guide, the option to replay mini-games, achievements and paintings to unlock and paint as well as a secret game… so there’s quite a lot on offer from this already charming game.

Click here to download Subliminal Realms: The Masterpiece Collector’s Edition

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