Showing Tonight: Mindhunters Incident Review

Nobody loves horror B movies as much as the hero of Showing Tonight: Mindhunters Incident does – and after playing this game, you’ll make sure you never become a too-big-of-a-fan because, well, you never wish to get drawn into the world of a horror movie with no idea on how to get out. So basically, that’s what you can expect from Showing Tonight: Mindhunters Incident – read on for my impressions and to find out if it’s one you should play or wait for an AAA release.

As I have already told you, our main hero loves horror B movies – and the particular one he’s watching tonight is his favorite. But the horror happens while you’re in the cinema: you fall asleep and minutes later you wake up in the movie itself, with a lady explaining some basic things and telling you how the crew went missing and it’s up for you to save the day. Ta-da-dam! A pretty nice concept, actually, and a lot of potential!

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However, just like B movies themselves, Showing Tonight: Mindhunters Incident is not one for the large audiences. Some might hate it, some might love it, and some might just find themselves in the middle weighting the Pros and Cons. And depending on your playing style, there are a bunch of both.

To start with, the game is filled with hidden object scenes and puzzles, which I personally love. They are a bit old school (think: cluttered and crazy), but I sometimes prefer those to the crystal clear and way-too obvious ones that we get from devs nowadays. You will have to hit the hint button every now and then, but it’s all part of the challenge. The mini games are also on the difficult side and they will have you think more than once while you play them: again, something that some won’t like, but a welcomed change in my opinion. We need to use our brains too!

What I disliked about the minigames was the overuse of a particular puzzle type where you have to rotate an object and place it in the exact position before you could use it. I thought it was fun at first, but when you have to do this over and over again, it does get pretty old. So this is one of my biggest complaints about the game, and a thing that will really make you hate it at times.

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The graphics are also a hit and miss situation: they are also pretty much old school in style, but that doesn’t mean pixelated and with drab colors. However, most of the scenes and places you visit seem to have very little in terms of items and appeal. It’s true that we’re talking about a low budget B movie setting, but the emptiness around you is not nice. Nor is the soundtrack: great tunes, but repeated indefinitely until they become quite boring. The voice overs save the day, but the overall feeling is that you’re dealing with something mediocre here.

Showing Tonight: Mindhunters Incident is not a game to throw away to the trash bin, but certainly not one that will be loved by everybody. The story itself is a bit complicated and it requires your presence all the way to the end to make sense, which makes it boring at points and sees you scratching your head at others, not being able to make anything out of what’s happening. There are hiccups and not-so-polished areas along the way, but if you feel nostalgic over the hidden object games that were made several years ago, this one’s closer to them than anything. But you’ll definitely have to play the demo for free first before making your choice!

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