Sea of Lies: Beneath the Surface Review

Ahoy, mates! Are you ready for a new pirate-infused hidden object adventure from Eipix? If you think you are, then hop aboard the ship and prepare to be amazed by Sea of Lies: Beneath the Surface! Oh, and prepare for evil Sirens and evil sea monsters as well!

The game sees you, Doctor Noarton, board a ship as the crew’s surgeon. But what should’ve been a quick and event free trip from a point to another quickly turns into a pirate attack gone right, leaving your ship on the bottom of the ocean and yourself stranded on a small island where pirates, the evil Siren and the Kraken monster she controls rule the seas and are bent on destruction. It’s up for you to solve the mystery and save the day – and it won’t be easy at all!

This game is more of an adventure and less of a hidden object game – meaning that it’s puzzle heavy and light in hidden object scenes that it throws at you. I don’t say that’s a good or a bad thing – it’s just something that you should have in mind when making the purchase.

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The puzzles themselves are really nice and they seem to get better and better as you progress through the game, ranging from simple ones that you complete quickly, to real head scratchers that might keep you busy for a while. They are all fun, though and I absolutely loved them, appreciating the fact that Eipix did try to be as original as possible and threw at us some new minigames.

The hidden object scenes, even though few, are also a joy to play. There are unfortunately no morphing objects for us, but they are fun enough even without the morphs and always seem to be perfectly timed: they appear exactly when needed to offer you a break from the heavy puzzles the Sea of Lies is flooded with.

Visually, I loved what the game has to offer – all the artwork is nicely done, with attention paid to details and everything looking exactly as a pirate-themed adventure in the Caribbean should look like. What’s even more surprising is the fact that the soundtrack and all audio aspects are nicely done too – one of the few games that don’t force you into turning off the music after several minutes of playing. Now that’s something you don’t usually get!

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Since this review is for the Sea of Lies: Beneath the Surface Collector’s Edition, let’s talk about the goodies too! The biggest and most important bonus you get from this special edition is the extra chapter – one that is well done and adds about an extra hour of play time and even more pirates and puzzles for you to solve. It’s worth the extra money just for that, but there are other goodies as well, like replayable stuff, collectibles and achievements, a fun video from the developers at the end and the regulars (concept art, wallpapers, music). All in all, good value for the extra money and since this is a good game we’re talking about, the CE is totally worth it!

Even though Sea of Lies: Beneath the Surface is not a game to wow you at every corner and to blow you off your socks, it’s still a really good game that will keep you busy for at least a few hours and will reward you greatly at the end. If you are more into puzzle solving and the adventure aspect, then this is the perfect choice for you as it is indeed puzzle heavy (but light in terms of hidden object scenes).

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