Safari Venture Review

It’s time to save some animals in Safari Venture, the latest match three game launched on Big Fish Games and the perfect game, in my opinion, for your 10-minute work breaks or even longer afternoon runs when you feel like beating high scores and progressing through the story.

There is a nice story spawning over 8 chapters in Safari Venture, with over 100 levels for you to master, so you have a lot to do after purchasing the game. You’ll be helping a zoologist of the Serengeti safari who are dealing with a gang of poachers – it’s you who has to save the animals and make sure that the safari thrives. And you’ll have a great deal of fun doing so!

Unlike traditional match three games, Safari Venture comes with a gameplay mode that you rarely see: you drop tiles from the top, creating matches with pieces that are already there. This adds an extra level of challenge as it takes you out of your comfort zone and offers variety. I really enjoyed this particular game mode and I must admit that I found it really challenging!

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There are also regular match three game mechanics in some levels, so if you’re not a big fan of the mode described above, you have no reasons to worry. There are also multiple difficulty choices when you start the game (fast, normal or slow) but the real challenge and most rewards await those who can complete the fast challenges in time.

The pieces are bright and with nice designs and you should have no problem spotting the matches even in the later, more crowded and more difficult levels. We also have some nice weather effects in some levels, which adds extra value, but overall the graphics are not to be called impressive. They are decent and you’ll have no reasons to complain, but you’ve certainly seen better. On a brighter note, I really enjoyed the safari-themed soundtrack and I didn’t get bored with it while playing the game.

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What matters the most in Safari Venture is the design of the levels, as well as the different difficulty modes, which really turn it into a complex and fun ride from start to finish. You’ll have your hard to beat levels that will almost drive you crazy (if you really can’t beat them in the timed mode, you can go for the no time mode, so you won’t get permanently stuck), but it’s all part of the game – and a fun one, that is.

In conclusion, I would particularly recommend this game to fans of the genre, as well as those who want to try something new as the use of the drop from the top mode is not something you get too see in your regular match three game.

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