Redemption Cemetery: Clock of Fate Review

In the past, ERS Games kind of slacked when it came to their popular Redemption Cemetery series, which in my opinion was starting to get a bit behind the trend and deliver less and less quality. With the launch of Redemption Cemetery: Clock of Fate, the developers try to redeem themselves and I believe we should give them a chance – read on this review to see if they manage to do it or not!

The game starts on an intense and gritty note and rarely hits the brake pedal on this matter: you meed the soul of a father-gone-mad because of a choice he made when he was younger: he had to choose between saving a train filled with passengers and saving his girl from getting crushed by the train – and he chose the first option. Of course, we went mad with grief and now needs your help to change the past and give his girl a chance at life. That is indeed a difficult choice to make and a great start for the game.

And that’s not the only difficult choice you’ll get in Redemption Cemetery: Clock of Fate, as you will meet more characters during your adventure and sometimes be forced to make some really, really difficult choices that will have an impact on the story. I absolutely loved that. Welcome back, Redemption Cemetery!

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Without putting the intense, dark atmosphere and quite scary settings and concepts away for a moment, the game challenges you with some increasingly difficult mini games and puzzles: some really had me scratching my head and wonder if I got a bit dumber since the last game I played. Probably not, it’s just the increased level of difficulty – and something I love: as a note, things get more difficult and in my opinion WAY better after the demo!

The hidden object scenes themselves are well made and varied, but we don’t have any morphing objects or anything to write home about. They are good, they follow the game’s settings in a nice way and add value to the overall experience, but they are not spectacular as the rest of the adventure or even the mini games.

In terms of graphics – and especially the overall setting of the game, the art and the scenes created by he developers, Redemption Cemetery: Clock of Fate excels and amazes. It is dark, it’s scary and it’s extremely brutal, but if you love these kinds of games, you will end up applauding. There are no birds chirping here and optimism has been long gone, but the atmospheric experience – a deep, gritty and sometimes scary one turn this game into one of the better I’ve played recently (for example, if you did enjoy Maze: Subject 360, you will love this one too!)

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The colletor’s edition of Redemption Cemetery: Clock of Fate brings all the swag you’d expect from it: a lengthy bonus game that is also extremely well done, a set of collectible skulls that you can use to build monuments in your creepy cemetery, replayable scenes and puozzles, as well as the host of screensavers, art, wallpapers and so on all CE’s deliver nowadays. It’s worth the extra money for the extra chapter itself – and everything else is just icing on the cake.

All in all, I was extremely pleased with Redemption Cemetery: Clock of Fate and I am happy to see that ERS Games have made a spectacular recovery and brought the series back to the top of the best hidden object games available right now. If you love gritty, deep and atmospheric experiences, you have to play this game. I’d suggest waiting for Halloween to feel it even better – but who can wait that long when dealing with such an amazing title?

Click here to download Redemption Cemetery: Clock of Fate on Big Fish Games.

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