Punished Talents: Stolen Awards Review

I haven’t played the first game in the Punished Talents series, but for some reason Stolen Awards seemed like a must buy game for me, so I had to give it a try. I do love murder mystery novels and games and this one seemed to fit the bill perfectly. Did it manage to do so? Read on my Punished Talents: Stolen Awards review to find out!

The story begins with you, a world known scientist, joining the best minds in science for the awards ceremony of the prestigious Pride of Humanity awards. The ceremony is being held in a remote European castle and pretty soon you’ll find yourself entangled in a mystery, after one of your friends falls ill to a mysterious disease and any possible ways of leaving the castle are destroyed. It’s time to put on your Sherlock hat, explore the castle and save the day!

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It’s not the greatest story ever told, that is true, but it’s a story that is well written and executed, and that’s all that matters in my opinion. We’re playing games to disconnect from reality, to explore fantasy worlds and to have fun and for this purpose, the story, setting and everything else in Punished Talents: Stolen Awards works great.

It’s really nice to see that the developers, Blam! Games, are also keeping true to the scientific nature of the game and most of the mini-games you will have to solve during your adventure will be science related. They will be fun though and not extremely difficult, so if you’re not into science, don’t rush to say no. It’s fun science!

Fun are the hidden object games as well, with morphing objects and all the goodies you can think of. Although I wouldn’t have minded if there were a lot more hidden object puzzles in this game, they are enough to keep you busy, entertained and satisfied. All without sending blurry images or scenes that are too demanding on our aging eyes.

Visually, the game is absolutely spectacular and the screenshots that you see in my review bring no justice to the real deal. The graphics are crisp, beautiful, realistic and extremely nice to the eye. The (sometimes) zany scientists are well portrayed and it all looks absolutely amazing in my opinion, from static artwork to animations. The sounds are surprisingly good as well, with high quality voice overs being the icing on the cake.

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Since the review is of the Punished Talents: Stolen Awards Collector’s Edition, we have to mention all the specials – which are all regulars in Collector’s Editions: we have a ton of downloads and goodies, including wallpapers, soundtracks, achievements and so on, plus a very nice but rather short extra chapter that sends you aboard a train to solve another nice mystery!

Punished Talents: Stolen Awards was so surprisingly good that I am now seriously considering downloading the first in the series: if it’s as good as this one, I definitely missed on a great game!

Click here to download Punished Talents: Stolen Awards and play it right now!

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