Off the Record: The Final Interview Review

How do you end a good series like Off the Record? Well, with a Final Interview that has to brilliant, that’s how! And Eipix are trying to do just that by throwing at us Off the Record: The Final Interview, a hidden object adventure that promises to be the last in the series. Will you make your last assignment work and end it on good terms? This time’s going to be difficult, because you’re accused of a sinister conspiracy!

You are actually accused of attempted murder: you were the last person to talk to renowned horse breeder Calvin Reedly, before he had a life-threatening heart attack. The biggest problem? You don’t remember anything about this, because you had an accident of your own and lost your memory during a car crash. Therefore, you have no other option than to track back everything, one step at a time, clear your name and find out who did it. Prepare for a roller-coaster ride involving blackmail, fraud, deception and the constant question: who did it? A good mystery, in other words!

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Even though it is indeed the story and the constant mystery floating around that fascinated me the most, I must admit that the hidden object scenes are really well made too. They seem to fade out a bit as you progress through the game (or at least they don’t get any better), but they are still varied and fun. We also have morphing objects that are relatively easy to find and even though most of scenes are cluttered, they won’t tire your eyes too fast. I personally enjoyed them.

The minigames, on the other side, were a bit too simplistic for my liking. They are fun and varied too, but I felt that a higher level of challenge was needed, as I usually cruised through the levels without scratching my head or really feeling stuck. This is not necessarily a bad thing (I have frustratingly difficult puzzles too!) as it allows you to focus on the really nice story, but I sometimes felt that I completed the mini games too fast…

The graphics, as you can see in the images attached to this article, are really good. Bright and colored (maybe too bright at points), but really nicely done: some of the artwork is really jaw dropping and everything fits well within the story and the setting. I enjoyed the music too: nothing special, but not something to turn off either, with the bonus of decent voice-overs. Again, not something to write home about, but nothing to complain. But all in all, the visuals and sound mix well together and add to the experience instead of taking away some points from it.

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As a Collector’s Edition, Off the Record: The Final Interview comes with a bunch of extra features, including a new chapter for you to play (that’s a bit over one hour of extra play time), replayable hidden object scenes and puzzles, a Souvenir room, collectibles, wallpapers, hidden Teapots for you to find and a really well done Tribute Video for the entire series – one that I consider a must watch! But be warned: it might convince you to buy all the games in the series if you haven’t done so already!

All in all, Off the Record: The Final Interview is a solid game, one that ends a great series in style. It has a great story and you’ll love the twists and mystery, it has a particular charm that will keep you playing and asking for more. But no, it’s the final chapter – so enjoy every drop of it!

Click here to download Off the Record: The Final Interview on Big Fish Games.

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