New York Mysteries: The Lantern of Souls Review (Collector’s Edition)

It’s time to head to Big Apple in another New York Mysteries game, one that sends you back in time to the 50s to investigate a strange murder and maybe uncover darker mysteries that some people don’t want uncovered. You probably know already that since we’re talking about a game in the NYM series, it’s a good product, but let’s find out more about it in my New York Mysteries: The Lantern of Souls review!

You play once again as the beautiful and intelligent Laura James who is sent by the White Stone Order as an undercover journalist to investigate the horrible murder of Carrie Martel, the widow of a rich lawyer that some voices claim might have come back for revenge. It’s a great mystery for you to solve in the New York City of the 50s, and one you will totally enjoy if you are a fan of these games.

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Calling New York Mysteries: The Lantern of Souls a hidden object adventure game is a bit too much, since there are very few hidden object scenes in the game, which is a real pity because they are all extremely well done. Actually, they are all so well done (interactive and innovative) that I didn’t mind the low number: it’s better to have fewer, but of high quality than a ton of poorly executed HOS. And this game has some of the best hidden object scenes I’ve played recently!

The minigames and puzzles abound, on the other hand and they are usually easy to complete – I really wanted at times a bigger challenge. The challenge sometimes came, though, from the adventure itself, getting lost sometimes and not really able to know what my next move should be. But there’s a hint button in these games and I am rarely ashamed to use it.

Cutscenes are absolutely amazing – it’s like watching a movie, and the best thing is that you are part of that movie as well! The voice overs are also well executed and there’s nothing to complain about in the game regarding the crisp graphics or the sounds. Hattip to the developers for creating such a great game!

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And it’s a pretty lengthy one too at around or over 5 hours for the main game and about a couple more for the bonus game if you get the Collector’s Edition. That’s real value for money, and you also get the plethora of bonuses coming from the Collector’s Edition: collectibles, morphing objects, achievements, downloads and all. Great value for your money!

I will be honest with you and admit that I didn’t have a single doubt about the quality of this game and fortunately there were no unpleasant surprises. Apart from the fact that I loved the hidden object scenes so much that I would’ve liked to have a lot more of (they are replayable, though!), I have absolutely no complaints about this game. It’s excellent!

Click here to download New York Mysteries: The Lantern of Souls on Big Fish Games.

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