Nevertales: Legends Review

It rarely happens for me to care so much about characters and especially their love stories when playing a hidden object game, but somehow Nevertales: Legends managed to hit the right chord in my soul and I absolutely loved it! The game tells the story of true, real love, love that gets bigger than tradition, war, love that changes the world. And eventually, love that forces you to get out of your comfort zone, put away your delicate Queenie shoes and hop onto the ride of your lifetime: the adventure to save your beloved husband and the entire kingdom.

Nevertales: Legends throws you straight into a spider’s web of love and hope, of wisdom and strength, of trust and treachery, of overcoming your fears. It rarely happens for a game to develop the story as much as this one does and even fewer manage to make you care, really care about the outcome of your adventure, about its characters and the fantasy world you’re exploring.

But fortunately it doesn’t focus on creating the story and background and ignores gameplay. On the contrary – the hidden object scenes you’ll encounter are charming and well done, there are Morphing Objects for you, as well as different approaches – from interactive list finds to using flowers to draw in butterflies hidden throughout the scenes. The minigames are well made as well, varying in difficulty and getting slightly more difficult to complete as you progress through the game – and depending on your skills, some will really test your ability to stay calm and power not to click that skip button!

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And talking about a “Skip” button – there are different difficulty levels you can choose from (Seeker, Adventurer, Trailblazer and Custom) as well as a ton of goodies to make a Collector’s Edition a worthwhile purchase: Achievements, which also come with a nice approach being divided based on the difficulty to get them (don’t forget, if you are an Achievement Hunter, you MUST play and complete the Demo first before purchasing the game), collectibles that unlock a new chapter, replayable hidden object scenes and mini games, strategy guide, wallpapers and so on. Good value for the extra money you’d spend – not to mention the Morphing objects!

You’ll get a Map from the beginning, as well as Hank the companion: your husband’s brother, who has the ability to morph into a Crow and get into the most difficult to get to places. You also have the Ring of Fire that protects you from fire-related dangers and gives you some new strengths that will prove extremely useful throughout your adventure – one that carries you to different amazing places.

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The graphics are crystal clear – without having to do anything with the curse in the game’s story – and the artwork is extremely charming. The animations are great too and there will be some really nice surprises waiting for you along the way. The sound and soundtrack manage to add value to the whole product, the result being an exceptional love story adventure, one that you will love. At least I did and I wholeheartedly recommend it!

Click here to download Nevertales: Legends Collector’s Edition

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