Nevertales: Hidden Doorway Review (Collector’s Edition)

If you are like me, always shouting that developers seem to have lost interest in creating original stories in hidden object games, then you definitely have to play Nevertales: Hidden Doorway. I am always pleased with the creativity the series’ developers show and this latest entry makes no exception, on the contrary: it proves that you can still deliver smart, beautiful stories that are original and can keep the player hooked from start to finish. What a great way to start a journey!

Nevertales: Hidden Doorway puts you in the shoes of a girl whose boyfriend seems to have become the victim of his intended mentor and who has to find out the key to the mystery herself. You’ll find yourself drawn into a fluid reality that can be shaped with the help of your boyfriend’s book which can actually influence reality and change it for more favorable outcomes. This is a really interesting idea and an even better implementation, giving you the power and choices to make things better by actually changing the words in the novel. Pretty impressive!


It’s not just the story that deserves a full round of applause, everything else is great as well. The Collector’s Edition of the game throws Morphing Objects into the hidden object scenes which are varied and nice, with a lot of interaction and great items to spot. The minigames are innovative as well and extremely varied. Even though most of them are not very difficult, they can keep you busy for at least a short period of time and be very fun to play. You’ll also be playing games and variants that you haven’t played before and that’s always a good thing!

There are other goodies in the game, including the funny Helper character who needs a lot of help itself on many occasions as he seems to break down quite often (it’s a nice drone/robot, by the way!) We also have collectibles, achievements, hidden signs, replayable scenes and a bonus chapter – all in all, the things you expect nowadays from a Collector’s Edition.


The graphics are really nice as well, with a lot of attention paid to details and some picturesque areas that will simply have you take a short pause just to admire the scene. Unfortunately, the visuals don’t seem to be consistent throughout the game and there are areas in the game where less attention seems to have been paid to the visual appeal and scenes seem somewhat rushed – or maybe that’s just the impression you get after going through actually flawless areas.

All in all, Nevertales: Hidden Doorway is a very, very good game and I had tons of fun playing it, then replaying everything I could. The story is smart and extremely well written, a change if you compare it to what many other hidden object adventures throw at us. In other words, this is a game you must play!

Click here to download and play Nevertales: Hidden Doorway.

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