Mystika: Between Light and Shadow Review

Mystika: Between Light and Shadow is a match three puzzle game mixed with hidden object elements, available over at Big Fish Games for as low as $2.99 (if you use the coupon code NEW299). A game demo is available for the game, but you can also check out the review below to help you decide if Mystika: Between Light and Shadow is the game for you.

We’ll start by checking out what the game is about because the story and the settings are very important in a casual game:

The magic world of Lumina needs a new hero! It’s up to you to face Tenebria, the queen of the dark world in the original Match 3 game, Mystika: Between Light and Shadow! Your adventure will lead you to incredible places such as eerie caves, mystic castles and scary crypts. Collect powerful spells, rescue your friends the “Luminos” and banish monsters to make your way through this enchanted world. The journey of your life is about to begin.

In terms of gameplay, Mystika: Between Light and Shadow does not disappoint: it is intense and fast and you can perform new matches while the other completed ones are still exploding, and the levels are varied enough to keep you playing, even though the stages don’t change that much in terms of design. The hidden object scenes are not the best you have played and the graphics don’t manage to rise to today’s standards (which is actually strange because the match-3 parts of the game look really good and cute), but they offer some variety to the matching gameplay and can be considered a welcome break.

The music is something that you will probably love about Mystika: Between Light and Shadow, which is a big bonus since I usually play my casual games with the sound turned off and my music playing in the background. This time, things are different and the music is really nice and refreshing.

Overall, the game is challenging and fun, even though it is not the most difficult match-3 game you have played and has a rather slow start. But once you progress through the levels and the game’s worlds, you will see that we’re actually talking about a pretty fun game. So if you’re not a Match-3 expert, or if you’re not extremely demanding, or maybe if you just wish for a lighter and smoother experience, then Mystika: Between Light and Shadow is the game you have to download and play.

Get Mystika: Between Light and Shadow from Big Fish Games. And don’t forget to come back and rate the game after you play it!

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