Mystery Tales: Alaskan Wild Review

Overprotective mothers. We all had to deal with them at one point or another and they are extremely annoying. Well, they’d all look like cute little puppies when compared with Abigail, Daniel’s mother and your sister’s to be mother in law. Yup, she’s a ruthless woman that decided to resort to black magic to find a cure for her little son when he was young and now she’s not willing to let him go even though he found the love of his life. This is, in other words, Mystery Tales: Alaskan Wild.

What’s your role? Well, you are a wildlife photojournalist who travels to Alaska to offer support to your sister Ellie when it comes to dealing with the witchy mother in law. But you get just in time to solve a mystery – your own sister’s disappearance – and fortunately right after the shaman foresaw your arrival and he’s ready to give you a helping hand in the form of a magical object that allows you to turn into different animals when you find specific totems. Pretty cool!

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The story is well written and the hidden object adventure of Mystery Tales: Alaskan Wild is really nice overall. The hidden object scenes are good and varied, offering all the possible playing types, from list finds to morphing objects. I loved them! The mini games are also bringing new approaches to well known formulas, even though they are easy to complete. Fun and easy, I would add.

Visually, Mystery Tales: Alaskan Wild offers some real eye candy (and I’m not only talking about the ice-melting looks of the bride and groom to be!). What I really enjoyed was the option to control the weather in the game: since it’s set in Alaska, you can allow the game to hit you with a real blizzard, some snow or no snow at all. An interesting touch!

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The Collector’s Edition it does offer a ton of great goodies: the opportunity to photograph all the wildlife you come across, 22 achievements and 11 collectibles, wallpapers, concept art and music. There’s also a lot in terms of gameplay, with a complete new chapter for you to enjoy, replayable minigames and hidden object scenes, as well as a really interesting personality test that will match you with one of the characters in the game. Really cool and a lot on offer for this Collector’s Edition.

All in all, Mystery Tales: Alaskan Wild is a good game for a hot summer’s day and not only. It does not revolutionize the genre, but it manages to capture and deliver everything we love about hidden object adventures and then add a sprinkle of even-more-greatness for a really, really enjoyable experience. Must try!

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