My Island Kingdom Review

You probably saved the world on numerous occasions already, which is a good thing – it means you’re getting used with it! And you’d better be, because it’s time to save the world once more in My Island Kingdom, a new Time Manangement Game set in a Fantasy World.

An evil villain is threatening to take over the Kingdom and poisoned the King with a very powerful poison, one that has no cure yet. The old Wizard is sure he can craft the cure and he needs you to gather all the rare ingredients required for this special concoction. Since it’s the fate of the King in play – and that of the entire Kingdom, you accept the challenge and start your adventure right away!

My Island Kingdom is a pretty basic time management game and, just like most other games released lately in the genre, seems to have no will or power to innovate it, bring something new or risk some changes. You will have to complete levels that increase in difficulty, collecting all sorts of items and moving around more and more. There is a bit of a twist in My Island Kingdom, one that introduces limited numbers of moves in which you have to complete your requirements (instead of time – but time will be introduced in later stages as well). This “twist” gives the game a bit of a “puzzle game” vibe, but the basics are all the same and we can still consider it a time management game. One that doesn’t revolutionize the genre and is far from that.

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However, this does not mean that this is a bad game we’re talking about. The graphics are really nice, bright and the game moves smoothly, while the increasingly difficult challenges keep you busy throughout the levels – and there’s quite a few of them as well! There are multiple requirements you have to meet to ace a level and you will have to return to previously completed levels and try them again after your character evolves.

Because, fortunately, there’s an evolution element in the game as well: you can spend the coins you collect from completing the missions to buy Spells and Skills (and upgrade them), which in turn help you get better results in each level. This does introduce a bit of a grinding element (meaning that you have to replay levels to get more coins and then spend them to upgrade your character), but that’s just for those who want to master the game: everybody else can simply cruise through and never care about completing all the requirements each level has.

If graphics and gameplay are pretty good in My Island Kingdom, the music fails to impress. It’s like all Time Management game developers have no idea how to create solid music that keeps you entertained – I can’t remember playing a time management game that had me say: “Wow, might good music!” My Island Kingdom makes no exception and you’ll soon end up turning the music off.

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All in all, for fans of the genre, My Island Kingdom is still a nice experience. It packs a solid punch and it’s suitable both for new players, as well as veteran ones thanks to its requirements and character progression elements. It is extremely similar to most other games out there, but if you’re looking for something new and some crisp graphics and a new challenge, then this one’s for you!

Click here to download My Island Kingdom and give it a try!

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