Lost Head Review (Big Fish Games)

A physics-based puzzler on Big Fish Games? Well, thank you, I will gladly take on the challenge and do my best to complete the game! And I am sure it will be a challenge you’ll accept if you also played similar games – either on your smartphone (Rovio’s Amazing Alex comes to my mind first) or somewhere else… So let’s find out more about Lost Head, because this is the game we’re talking about!

The idea of the game is really simple: Mr. Franken-Stitch keeps losing his head (literally!) and you have to help him get it back on its shoulders. Using realistic physics and interactive objects, twist and turn your way through 72 challenging levels spanning five awesome worlds. I don’t know if it sounds easy or difficult, but I can say that it certainly is a nice challenge for you to take on!

The game starts pretty nice, with a good learning curve, teaching you about all the crazy items in the game and how to interact with them, and the level of difficulty increases gradually without you noticing it. Until you get stuck at some point and can’t seem to be able to figure out what to do.

And probably this is the point where Lost Head kind of fails to deliver: there is no hint system to help you get out of the mess and you can only skip the level entirely, which is not guaranteed to offer satisfaction because you will most likely want to know what you did wrong and how could you finish the level. Because you will get stuck, that’s a given point.

But if you are ready to get past this little problem and especially if you like this kind of brain trainer puzzlers, you are up for a nice challenge and experience in Lost Head. There are quite a few items to interact with and click at the right time to make things work well for Franken-Stitch, the graphics of the game are decent and cartoonish – although they don’t seem to be way better than those of similar games made using flash and available for free – and the sound… well… the sound can be turned off, and I am saying this to be polite.

All in all, if you are looking to keep your brain’s wheels turning and you like playing physics based puzzlers, you will surely have a great time with Lost Head too. It doesn’t revolutionize the genre and doesn’t really bring anything new into play, but all that it tries to do it does well. Probably if you’re not a fan of the genre this game is not for you or won’t make you change your mind, but you can still give it a try.

You can check out Lost Head over on Big Fish Games.

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