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If you read other reviews on this blog, you know that I have a big problem with Time Management games, and the problem is that they all look the same and feel the same, no exceptions. Well, guess what? I just found a surprisingly pleasant exception with Incredible Zoo, a new time management game that has just been launched over at Big Fish Games, one that challenges you to take care of zoos around the world and care for different animals while doing so. And what a pleasant surprise this game is!

In Incredible Zoo, you play as Natalie who will experience working in different zoos all over the world, each with their own set of animals, and you have to help her take care of the little buddies who need to be fed, have their places cleaned and the annoying visitors removed. The game starts really slow and easy to help you get used with the controls and the concept (basically, you have to click on things around the zoo when animals have different needs) but it turns into a frantic and exciting clicker very soon. There will be a lot of tasks for you to do and only if you manage your time flawlessly, you will be able to do it right.

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There are three game modes: relaxed (where there are no time limits), normal and expert and each new increase in the challenge level will make the game more difficult. In each stage, your goals will be basically the same: see what the animals need (a bubble appears above their heads) and then deliver that. It’s usually food, but as you progress through the game, other things will happen, like animals getting sick, their pens getting dirty or them being annoyed by bad visitors. Everything can be fixed by clicking your mouse and, in order to make sure that you don’t get completely exhausted, there are several upgrades and goodies that you can purchase as you play.

Completing the in-game tasks rewards you with coins – more coins for completing them faster – and you can use these coins on a multitude of upgrades, from speed increase for your main character (which, by the way, you should invest in!) to helping hands with your tasks (like monkeys who collect fruits for you or kids that help with the pens) and much more. There is actually a wide variety of things you can spend your money on and you will surely have no problem making the right choices, based on the biggest challenges you face during your levels.

What I like the most about Incredible Zoo is that it comes with a completely different approach to the genre, at least different from the majority of games that we’ve seen recently. Level design and concept are different and they offer a great change because you no longer have buildings and roads blocked and the same recycled designs over and over again. This was something that I really loved about it!

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However, the graphics are not there to blow your mind, but they are funny and do their job, so you can’t complain about them too much either. This is a game that can be played by younger audiences and I think that the graphics were created with that in mind. For some reason, graphics in time management games seem to have been left behind and this title makes no exception.

But overall, we’re talking about a really good game especially for those who already love time management titles. It’s not extremely challenging – I would say that it’s pretty easy, actually, but it is extremely fun and comes like a breath of fresh air in a genre where all the games seem to look and feel the same. At least this one’s different and the differences are great!

Click here to download the game and play it right away!

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