Hidden Expedition: The Fountain of Youth Review

One of my (many) superstitions when it comes to gaming is that I always want to start the year playing an amazing new game – this way, I am sure that the year will be filled with great games for me to enjoy and it worked so far. Usually, I just replay one of the games of the year that I have in my library, but this time I was pretty confident that I can trust a brand new release: Hidden Expedition: The Fountain of Youth. Did it manage to meet the expectations and be the great game I was looking for to start my new year with or it was the promoter of a dry year in terms of quality releases? Read on my Hidden Expedition: The Fountain of Youth review to find out!

The title of the game doesn’t leave a lot of room for guessing: it’s time to embark on an adventure involving the Fountain of Youth and Hidden Expedition will take you all the way to Sigiriya, Sri Lanka where an entire H.E.L.P. team went missing while working on the restoration of a very important archaeological – a place that might actually be the hiding place of this sought-after fountain. And since it’s such an important artifact we’re talking about, the evil and extremely rich Dario Aturnin is also interested… so much interested that he’d be ready to spend a fortune for bribing a H.E.L.P. agent to get his hands on the wonder fountain. Your job? Save the day, of course!

Hidden Expedition The Fountain of Youth review 1

We’re talking about an Eipix game here, so I had all the reasons in the world to be confident that we have a great product. A puzzle-heavy hidden object adventure game, Hidden Expedition: The Fountain of Youth shows us that there’s still room for innovation – or at least small changes – in the genre. We have new puzzles to prove that to us, and they are always welcome, plus the thing that everything else is flawlessly made. And I tend to get really happy when I have nothing to complain about when I play a game!

And Hidden Expedition: The Fountain of Youth did make me very happy! The hidden object scenes are not as many as some fans of the genre might want them to be, but they’re absolutely brilliant and have everything you could wish for on offer: silhouettes, list items, fragment finds, mini-games within the scenes… they are brilliant and you’ll love them! The other puzzles are also beautiful, ranging from the very easy to the more advanced ones, including a Rube-Goldberg super puzzle that will keep you busy for a while. If I really, really want to find something to complain about, that would be the number of HoS available in the game – maybe at least a couple more would’ve been welcome, but I don’t feel the need to do that right now.

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Visually, Hidden Expedition: The Fountain of Youth is pure candy. The graphics are top notch and the entire atmosphere the game manages to create is beautiful. Complete and complex, with attention paid to detail and great cutscenes to gel our adventure together, it’s exactly what you need from a game to play when the year starts and most likely for the years to come. Yes – Hidden Expedition: The Fountain of Youth is indeed one of the best hidden object adventures out there right now!

I don’t think I could’ve picked a better game to start my year with – Hidden Expedition: The Fountain of Youth is top notch in all areas and you’ll get to love it instantly. It has the right amount of challenge, it has a great story that unfolds well, it looks and feels brilliant. You can’t ask for more so do yourself a favor and try it out! It’s clearly January’s game of the month, at least here at Casual Game Reviews!

Click here to play Hidden Expedition: The Fountain of Youth.

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