Heart’s Medicine: Time to Heal Review (Collector’s Edition)

As soon as I started playing Heart’s Medicine: Time to Heal, I found out that the main character’s name is Allison Heart and, yes, she’s a doctor. There’s a romantic twist in the plot as well – that was something that I knew already – so I started wondering: “can it get any cheesier?” Well… I was up for a really pleasant surprise, as this Time Management game proved to have a lot of goodies stored in its hidden Goodie Bag! Read on my review to find out everything about it.

The story sounds like a high school drama or a Spanish soap opera, but it eventually turns out for the best. Allison, the character you’re playing, is starting to fall in love with Daniel, Head of the Hospital, while still being unable to totally let go of her ex, Connor (Head of Pediatrics). Things suddenly change when an accident puts Daniel in danger – and from that moment on, nothing will be the same. Yes, it does start like a Spanish soap opera, but the plot builds up pretty nicely and you’ll end up loving it!


And if it’s not the plot you’ll love – which is flawlessly presented via very well done cutscenes that top anything I’ve seen recently in time management games – it’s the actual gameplay that you’ll end up loving. It happened more than once to just stay there in front of my computer’s screen, with my heart racing, screaming: yes, this is how you do it!

Apart from classic time management mechanics which challenge you with the regular stuff like jumping from patient to patient, giving them shots and generally caring for their well being, there is a brilliant and extremely intense element: mini games. Puzzles. Call them as you wish, but they’re really the blood transfusions the genre needed so badly and the thing that will keep you plugged in from start to finish.

These mini games are absolutely awesome! You have to stitch wounds, fix broken bones, remove pieces of glass from your patients’ bodies and much more, all in a race around the clock. I loved this element even though it proved really challenging at times – after so many casual gameplays and relaxed playthroughs where there was no rush, I needed something to get my blood pumping and Heart’s Medicine: Time to Heal managed to deliver the perfect medicine.


Visually, things are looking great in the game with attention paid to details, nice colors and specifically enjoyable main characters. I loved the fact that the developers spent some extra time delivering some modern graphics – something many of the recently launched TM games fail to do. The music could’ve been better, that’s true, but that’s something I feel when I play most games nowadays. It does try to keep up with what’s happening in the game, but it’s far from being memorable or even good.

All in all, Heart’s Medicine: Time to Heal starts with a bang and keeps on delivering until the end. You’ll play not only because you’re extremely curious to find out what happens there at the end, but also because you’ll love every single second of the game! You have to try this, especially if you think you’re up for a challenge!

Click here to download Heart’s Medicine: Time to Heal on BFG.

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