Grim Tales: Graywitch Review (Collector’s Edition)

Even though most people have lost count already, the 12th game in the Grim Tales series is here and apparently the Gray family still has dark secrets left to uncover! In Grim Tales: Graywitch, we’re going to meet a bunch of Frankenstein-like creatures and things will be as dangerous as ever. But will they be fun? Read on for my Grim Tales: Graywitch review to find out!

The game begins with good ol’ Anna Gray who, with the help of Richard, has to solve the mystery of her nice Stacy disappearing. Yes, she disappeared while investigating another relative – the feared scientist Victor Gray who decided to play God for a bit and turn his wife back from the dead. As you would expect from a Grim Tales game, things get really complicated extremely fast, with quick travels in time and non stop action from the get-go.

Strangely – but great for the fans – even though so many games have been released in this series, Grim Tales: Graywitch still manages to entertain and deliver good value to its players. The story manages to keep you hooked and is solid enough to want to you to play all the way to the end and find how it all ends. But what I love the most about this game is its fast pace: you’re always doing something, there’s always something happening and the action itself is intense. This is always a good thing!

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Another good thing for me at least is that there is a decent amount of hidden object scenes, even though the adventure part with exploration and using different items is present as well. Richard is a bit annoying and makes little sense at times, as he always seems to have the right inventory item to get you out of a sticky situation. A bit of extra creativity here for progressing would’ve been welcome, but otherwise there’s not much to complain about!

The minigames are just like the hidden object scenes – varied and nicely done, with a medium grade of difficulty. There are a few that will keep you busy for a bit longer, but usually you should have no trouble completing them without getting frustrated.

Visually, Grim Tales: Graywitch follows the lines of the latest games in the series and delivers updated graphics with crisp, bright colors and great art. Even though this is a darker game – both figurately as well as literally, you will never have reasons to complain about the visuals or about the fact that certain elements are difficult to spot on the screen.

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The entire audio chapter doesn’t excel and is not one to remember for the days to come, but fortunately it’s not in the other extreme either. It’s decent and does a good job at supporting what matters the most: the fast paced action and your adventure!

Being a Collector’s Edition, this has all the goodies you would expect from an enhanced edition. This means that you get the fan-favorite morphing objects, but also achievements and collectibles, wallpapers and screensavers that you can create from items you find while playing as well as a hidden room and an extra chapter. Great value for the money, overall!

In conclusion, Grim Tales: Graywitch is a great addition to the series and both those who have been playing since game one and those who never played a Grim Tales game before should find it extremely entertaining. So if you’re looking for an intense, fast paced HOPA, then this is the right game for you!

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