Girls with Secrets Review

All girls have secrets? Well, apparently, especially when it’s murder we’re talking about. And this is indeed what we’re talking about in this hidden object game released over at Big Fish Games, Girls with Secrets. Is it a nice game though? Check out this review and find out.

If I were to summarize the entire game experience from the begging, I’d start with “I’ve seen that before”. And probably a long time ago too, because there’s barely anything noticeable about this game – nothing to make it stand out from the crowd.

It follows the same story that we’ve heard so many times in hidden object games: Girls with Secrets takes place in a small town where a popular high school girl is murdered and the police have no clue what happened. So it’s up for the girl’s best friend (you) to jump in and find out the mystery of the murder by completing hidden object scenes. And that’s it, as original as my left hand when I’m to compare it with my right.

The game plays as a classic hidden object game, meaning that we don’t have meaningless cutscenes and adventure bits and movement. No, it’s HO scene after HO scene, where we have to simply search for the indicated items and find them all in order to proceed. Classic HO gameplay as I said, which we’ve seen since forever.

The unfortunate bit is that Girls with Secrets doesn’t even try to deliver more and make our experience different from that of all the mediocre HO games out there: the scenes are pretty random and, even though not cluttered, some objects are very well hidden and extremely small that it can get a bit frustrating in the process. The minigames don’t help much either as they are also pretty basic and don’t offer anything new.

We could say that Girls with Secrets is a classic hidden object game and by that I mean “feels kind of outdated” and not “a game to remember”. It’s not bad if you are not too hardcore about your hidden object titles – it’s somewhat of an entry-level HO game that focuses on finding objects 90% of the time, but if you already played the top games of the generation, you might be left with a sourish taste in your mouth.

Visually, the game also looks a bit outdated, but at least the images are clean and colorful not to send us into depressions, on the contrary. But again nothing makes them special, as is the case with the sound – repetitive and bland. A mediocre game I would only highly recommend to those new to the genre who have never played a HO game before and would like to know how it feels like playing one, without getting to complicated.

Download Girls with Secrets here

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