Forgotten Kingdoms: The Ruby Ring Review

Forgotten Kingdoms: The Ruby Ring has just been released over at Big Fish Games yesterday and I spent the day playing the game to be able to come here and be the first to share opinions on the new Vast title set in the Forgotten Kingdoms universe. Did I enjoy my purple adventure to become king or not – read on the Forgotten Kingdoms: The Ruby Ring review below to find out!

The game’s story has been told by other games before with some changes here and there. You play young Tristan, the rightful king in a kingdom that has been attacked by an evil shadowy figure, breaking everything apart. Your parents lost their lives during the confrontation, but you were saved by nanny Naya who took care of you until today, on your 18th birthday. Now it’s time to get back to the palace, become king and save your people from the curse that was plaguing them over the years.

Even though the story itself is not new, it’s well written and captivating, with some interesting characters and a nice villain, so there’s not much to complain about here.

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In terms of gameplay, I have mixed feelings, to be honest. Some of the hidden object scenes are repetitive and we also get some mini-HoS where you have to find just a few items. It seems that the developers wanted to have a great variety of everything in the game, and they certainly managed to do it: apart from the interesting mini hidden object puzzles, we have list finds, silhouette finds and so on. The scenes themselves are not insanely crowded and demanding to the eyes, so even older, tired eyes like mine had a smooth run finding everything.

The mini games have an interesting mechanic of their own: Tristan has the king’s ring (the Ruby Ring in the game’s title) and you have to use it to break the cursed crystals that are plaguing the kingdom. Every time you use the right to destroy the game, you have to complete a mini game, which is fun and usually quick as the mini games, even though different throughout your adventure, are really simple, some of them being easy-peasy “repeat the notes” type of puzzles or turning objects around. There are some “normal” minigames too which are a bit more difficult, but overall, you won’t be scratching your head too often playing the game. I have to insist that this is not a bad thing – but if you like really complicated and challenging puzzles, you won’t find them here.

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The graphics are decent, but a bit too purple for my liking. However, if you like the color purple, then you will definitely love this game as it has a ton of it! Jokes aside (and purple hues too), you don’t really have anything to complain of in terms of the artwork, which is bright and colorful and spot on. Not something to blow you away, but not “Meh…” either!

All in all, Forgotten Kingdoms: The Ruby Ring is a good game. Probably not the best you have ever played, but certainly one of the better ones, as it has an engaging, well written story that you’ll love to follow and some likeable characters. Nice hidden object scenes, puzzles for variety and a lot of purple!

If you want to give it a try, you can check out Forgotten Kingdoms: The Ruby Ring on Big Fish Games. If you get stuck and you need a walkthrough, you can always download the Strategy Guide. There is also a Collector’s Edition for this game, but I would personally suggest to stick with the Standard Edition in this case.

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