Farmington Tales Review

Farmington Tales is an extremely unique game and I am sure it’s the first of its kind. I’ve seen the hidden object genre mechanics mixed with many different types of games, but it is the first time when I see it mixed with the time management genre, specifically a farming simulator. Does this sound interesting? Of course it does and we’ll see if Farmington Tales manages to meet the expectations and deliver a great experience in this review below.

Here’s the game description, coming straight from Big Fish Games: “Welcome to Farmington Tales! Let’s get farming in this unique Hidden Object farming simulator hybrid. Plant crops, nurture animals and run the farmer’s market! Search the farm for rare treasures. Complete quests and hang out with a quirky cast of folk. Build upgrades like a silo or bridge! Plow, plant, water and harvest the perfect crop, even eggs, milk, and wool!”

Sounds like a lot of stuff that has to be done in the game and indeed you will have a lot of work to do – but fortunately it’s all fun and of great quality. The story here is that our main character is in financial trouble (seems like the tough economic times have spread to the virtual worlds as well) and we have to help win the Farmer of the Year award before the Bank takes the farm.

You’ll be planting crops, harvesting them and taking care of the farm most of the day, but there is also the hidden object part about which we’ll talk more right now. The scenes are simple puzzles where you have to find the indicated objects and sometimes they might seem cluttered. But the really nice thing here, apart from the fact that they give you money for your farm, is the mini-quest option that challenges you to find objects in alphabetical order, find items listed left to right or all sort of interesting challenges that are optional but offer a greater challenge and are extremely interesting.

The time management part is really well done itself and I especially liked the story – one that makes you care about the character, plus the characters that you meet along the way. The time management parts might seem a bit difficult and confusing at first, but the learning curve is lean and quick and pretty soon you’ll be plowing and planting and selling and repairing like a pro. Bonus: you even get to choose the name for the farm dog! Aww!

The game also offers us trophies to win (no less than 47) for increased value and everything goes pretty well here: the sound is nice and the voice-overs are great, the graphics are colorful and nice and even though they do seem a bit outdated, they do a great job at delivering what’s required and offering us an overall pleasant experience.

So I can say that Farmington Tales is an interesting experience and clearly a mixture of genres to follow and to love: what can be nicer than mixing a farming sim with the so-popular Hidden Object genre? Nothing, I tell you, and now please let me get back to my crops!

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