European Mystery: Flowers of Death Review

It’s time to put on some wooden shoes, grab a strudel and maybe take some yodeling lessons, because you’re about to travel to Netherlands in the recently launched European Mystery: Flowers of Death, a perfumed mystery that will make you think twice before sniffing those beautiful flowers you see around you.

You’re the detective summoned in the Netherlands, after a strain of toxic flowers appeared in a city to put people into a deep coma-like sleep without any apparent reason. So instead of rushing to see the tulips, you’ll have to get past that annoying and hostile officer that doesn’t seem interested to help you and ignore most of the locals who seem to be hiding something (obviously!). Well, at least one of them is a friend as he gives you a small portable cabinet that allows you to create the cure for the different types of polen-poison flying around! So, in the end, you might even get the chance to enjoy a schnitzel and a strudel!

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In terms of gameplay, European Mystery: Flowers of Death delivers a lot and you can set the difficulty level to match your playing style. The hidden object scenes are extremely varied and, even though they’re mostly list or silhouette finds, they are really well done. The only complaint I’d have would be related to the morphing objects who seem to morph a bit too fast and pop up, almost screaming at you: “Here I am!” But maybe that’s just me, and one thing is clear: the hidden object scenes are varied and nice, with some nice touches and approaches.

The minigames are also fun in the game, ranging in difficulty and type from extremely easy to moderately difficult. You’ll find yourself doing all sorts of things, some of which will require more dexterity, while others will require you to put on your thinking cap. The mini games are varied as well, but not insanely difficult so you’ll cruise through most of them without a problem. You decide if this is a good thing or a bad one!

The graphics are what really manages to blow you away: there are some scenes that are truly jaw dropping, while the cutscenes themselves are extremely well done, with a lot of attention paid to details and setting the right mood. The lip-synched voice overs help as well, even though the music does not really manage to rise to the standards set by the overall experience and especially the graphics. But you should prepare for some scenes where you’ll simply stop playing and admire the scenery. And that’s a big thing!

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The Collector’s Edition of European Mystery: Flowers of Death has all the CE bling that you need, from the morphing objects to morphing collectibles, music, art, wallpapers, and videos, replayable puzzles and a brand new chapter. I believe that this is a good enough game to actually get the Collector’s Edition instead of waiting for the Standard One, although if you’re not really for all that bling, you’ll have equal amounts of fun playing the Standard Edition (this is just a guess as I haven’t actually played a Standard Edition of the game).

All in all, European Mystery: Flowers of Death is a poisonously well done hidden object adventure with enough mystery and quality to keep you playing until the end, then replay some of your favorite scenes just because they were so good. It’s not perfect in all areas, but it delivers an overall high quality experience, so I highly recommend it to everybody!

Click here to download & play European Mystery: Flowers of Death.

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