Endless Fables: The Minotaur’s Curse Review

Endless Fables: The Minotaur’s Curse marks the beginning of a new hidden object adventure game series, one created by Hungarian developers Sunward Games, the same people behind another popular and high quality series, The Secret Order. However, with Endless Fables, the direction is a bit different and fortunately a lot more to my liking, going for legendary mythical creatures in a fantasy setting.

As the title suggests, Endless Fables: The Minotaur’s Curse is all about the Minotaur who apparently still exists, hidden somewhere in its labyrinth, waiting for the perfect moment to be reborn and bring back terror to the world. Unfortunately, only a descendant of Ariadne can stop the beast. Fortunately, you are one, so it’s time to grab your magical torch and prepare for the adventure of your lifetime and put the mighty beast to sleep forever this time!

Apart from the story itself which manages to tick all my boxes, I liked the ingenuity of the game and the fact that the developers did try to deliver a solid, unique experience, even though the minigames are not brand new and there’s not much you can do to revolutionize the genre. But with attention to details, focus on making things work flawlessly and presenting the mini games, as well as hidden object scenes in such a manner that you have nothing to complain about manages to impress and leave a perfectly fine aftertaste in your mind (and soul).

Endless Fables The Minotaurs Curse review 02

The hidden object scenes are varied and nice (but I would’ve loved them to be a bit more myhtology-themed somehow), while the mini games are really fun and some challenging, with good mechanics and great concepts, even though we’ve seen them in a different shape or style in other games. I will always say this, though: as long as something works and is great, I have nothing against giving it a try again and again, as long as you give me the impression that I am indeed playing something new. And Endless Fables: The Minotaur’s Curse manages to do that!

The graphics are good, but not outstanding. There are some stellar moments indeed, especially in the form of the short animations – stuff that really makes you smile and nod your head with admiration – so you’ll definitely have nothing to complain about in this aspect. And if you played a few hidden object adventures in the past, you already know what to expect of the sounds in this game, so there’s no need to insist too much here either.

Endless Fables The Minotaurs Curse review 03

The version reviewed here is a Collector’s edition, one that comes with a brand new mystery for you to enjoy (involving another great mythical creature – the Pegasus), as well as all the goodies you would expect from an enhanced edition of an already good game: collectibles, achievements, morphing flowers for you to collect along the way, plus the plethora of goodies and extras, like the replayable scenes, screenshots, wallpapers and all.

I am usually skeptical when it comes to the launch of yet another game series in a genre that’s crowded with great and sub-mediocre products, but fortunately Sunward Games played their cards right with the first episode in the Endless Fables, The Minotaur’s Curse and they scored a surprising, very high quality game. My personal opinion is that it’s even better than the games in the Secret Order series, so if you liked those and you don’t mind a slight change in concept, you will most likely love this series – or at least this particular game even more!

Click here to download Endless Fables: The Minotaur’s Curse.

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