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It seems that August is the month of really creepy games (we got Maze: Subject 360 earlier) and I LOVE IT! I like a good jump scare here and there, I like to hear the creepy music and I love a bit of horror, especially if it’s well done. Dracula’s Legacy isn’t the scariest game of them all, but it has a nice creepy setting and some good moments. Read on for my complete review of the game!

The game starts with a couple – Isabella and Matt – driving their car, when they see a huge tree blocking their way. Since they don’t play hidden object adventure games, they don’t know that they shouldn’t leave the car, especially because there’s creepy music playing (well, maybe they don’t hear the music!) Either way, as soon as they’re out to investigate, a werewolf type of beast appears and while they’re running to save their lives, Isabella falls into a hole that takes her to ancient dungeons with creepy secrets. Think vampires and snakes and spiders and such.

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Gameplay wise, Dracula’s Legacy is more of a classic, old school adventure game where you have to do a lot of exploring and research and less playing mini-games, puzzles and hidden object scenes. It’s pretty clear that the focus is on the adventure because you can also skip hidden object games and still get the items required from playing them! In other words, if you want nothing but to go through the story itself and enjoy it to the maximum, you can do so without any distractions.

However, despite these positives for the fans of the classic adventures, Dracula’s Legacy is somewhat limited in its offering: only a few customization options when starting the game, no interactive map and no special items to use. Since most other games offer at least some of these features, you might feel that it’s lacking here and there.

If you decide not to skip the hidden object scenes, you’ll get some good ones to fill up the time. Not spectacular by any means, but interesting to play and well within the game’s creepy, vampiric theme. The puzzles are relatively easy to complete, especially for more advanced players, making me think, once again, that the main focus was on delivering a good adventure with some extras, and not hidden objects and puzzles grouped together by a story. Which is, I repeat, not really a bad thing.

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The graphics are great and spooky, well matched by the creepy soundtrack and some decent voice over acting, even though I’ve heard better. There were a few scares in my case and the feeling of intensity, but we can’t really say that this is a horribly scary game, so even if you don’t really dig the scares and creepiness, you can still enjoy its great story.

All in all, Dracula’s Legacy is a good game, especially for those looking for an old school adventure experience. It does have HoS and puzzles, but the main focus is on the story, the adventure, the characters. I personally enjoyed this approach, even though at times I felt the need for a few more spit and polish here and there.

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