Dead Reckoning: Snowbird’s Creek Review (Collector’s Edition)

As you probably know already, I am a big fan of Eipix and their Dead Reckoning series and I have already shared with you my impressions on the previous game in the series, Broadbeach Cove (make sure to read it if you haven’t done so already).

Today, the developers have a new treat for us in the series, under the name of Dead Reckoning: Snowbird’s Creek and you can read all about it in my review here. And I will start by saying what I like to say each time I play a new game in this series: Eipix have done it again!

The story manages to be different enough to what we’re usually getting from hidden object adventures, and this is a great thing. In Dead Reckoning: Snowbird’s Creek, you’re investigating the murder of a railroad tycoon who had a lot of enemies because he was planning to build a train line through the small town of Snowbird’s Creek, a charming even though cold, little town caught by the Gold Rush fever. The story is nice and comes as a breath of fresh air compared to stories of other recent HOPAs and it also unfolds nicely, even though you will do quite a bit of back-tracking during your adventure.

Dead Reckoning Snowbirds Creek review 2

This game is a real adventure, true to previous Dead Reckoning titles and you’ll have more puzzles and walking around than clicking through hidden object scenes, but fortunately the HOS that we get are of high quality. There are also morphing objects but they tend to morph relatively fast, so always be on the lookout for them! The scenes have a nice design with the items easy to locate and no eye problems afterwards. The puzzles and minigames are also nice and, even though most of them are on the easy side, you’ll get a few head scratchers as well. All in all, a good mix with high quality, even though I would never say no to more hidden object scenes. If you don’t agree with me, you can always switch from playing the HOS to match three games.

One of the solid points in Dead Reckoning: Snowbird’s Creek is the visual impact that the game has, even though there are moments where graphics seem a bit washed up and blurry. But overall, the visuals are just great and you will enjoy exploring the frozen village and its surroundings. The soundtrack is also pretty good, adapting to the current situation and adding value to the entire experience. And I am extremely happy that it’s summer outside and a great, hot weather, because this game really brings a bit of the cold with its atmosphere and great graphics.

Dead Reckoning Snowbirds Creek review 3

The Collector’s Edition has an extra chapter for added gameplay experience, plus all the goodies that we expect from the premium edition: achievements, a trophy room, an included Strategy Guide, 13 morphing objects and so on. Nothing extra compared to regular Collector’s Editions, but enough value to make it worth the purchase over a potential Standard Edition.

All in all, for fans of the Dead Reckoning series, Snowbird’s Creek is a must play. For everybody else, this will prove to be a good game, with a nice focus on the adventure side. The storyline comes as an added bonus, so do give this a try as soon as possible!

Click here to download and play Dead Reckoning: Snowbird’s Creek.

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