Dead Reckoning: Broadbeach Cove Review

Eipix are doing it again! The well known hidden object adventure game developer just launched Dead Reckoning: Broadbeach Cove on Big Fish Games, a new mystery for us to solve in the Dead Reckoning series and another flawlessly-assembled adventure for us to complete. It has everything you can expect from an Eipix game, but is there anything extra? Read on my Dead Reckoning: Broadbeach Cove review to find out!

The story begins with you investigating a murder. The victim is Johnny Abilli, a man that had everything: money, women, adventure… but got bored of it all. He was living life on the edge and that was still not enough for him. But apparently he went too far because he’s now dead and you’re left with a bunch of suspects – each with enough motives to be the killers – and one big question: who did it? Embark on a great adventure to find out everything in a story whose plot thickens as soon as you start gathering evidence and a mystery that will keep you hooked to the end!

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After tons of hidden object adventures where unicorns and other fantasy creatures were either friends or foes (or both), a change in scenery and a more earthly cast is more than welcome. There’s no supernatural here, no paranormal activities, no talking owl to guide you through the game and sometimes a bit of realism is everything that you need – so I really enjoyed this break from the fantasy lands, while focusing 100% on a well written and executed mystery.

The hidden object scenes are interactive and nice, with a ton of objects to look through – sometimes maybe a bit too many – but that’s what a detective has to do: dig through piles of garbage to find the one piece he’s missing! The puzzles are also very standard, with nothing to really get your attention, but they’re all well executed and mostly related to the mystery setting, ranging from very easy to pretty challenging, so again there’s nothing to complain here, on the contrary!

The game looks very good and some scenes are absolutely breathtaking, but also on some occasions I had the feeling that the background was drawn first and objects were later on added to the mix, leaving them look a bit strange, like they don’t really belong there. It’s not a deal breaker, but sometimes those specific items seem to really pop up and they do mess up a bit the graphics. But at least the sounds are all good, as well as the voiceovers, so I don’t have to complain – one again – about the annoying sounds in a HOG.

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I did enjoy that Dead Reckoning: Broadbeach Cove does offer a bit of a challenge when it comes to the collectibles and morphing objects, which are really difficult to find. To be honest, actually, I wasn’t able to find the morphing objects yet, but the game’s fortunately good enough to be worth a second playthrough, maybe on a more relaxed level of difficulty and I will find them! But if you don’t want to replay the game, make sure to be very careful and pay attention to all details, because this is not one of those games that allows you to breeze through them and collect everything without even trying. Which is a good thing, in my opinion!

Being a Collector’s Edition, the game offers the regular bling, including a Strategy Guide, achievements, wallpapers, replayable scenes and a brand new Chapter with a bonus Mystery, so it’s well worth the price.

All in all, Dead Reckoning: Broadbeach Cove is a very solid entry in the series, a well written and perfectly executed mystery that will keep you hooked from start to finish and will manage to amaze you every now and then. Exactly what you needed!

Click here to download Dead Reckoning: Broadbeach Cove.

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