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I will start with the obvious things first: to make the experience complete, you should definitely play this game with Gogol Bordello’s – Start Wearing Purple on repeat. Or at least read this review while listening to the song. Because you can never have enough purple in your life. NEVER. Rant over. Let’s get on with the Dark Dimensions: Shadow Pirouette review! (and yes, this first paragraph will soon make sense!)

In Dark Dimensions: Shadow Pirouette, you decide to visit Everton – an otherwise quiet and nice town – after your friend Ashley, now a radio personality calls you, scared that something wrong’s about to happen. She did talk with the authorities first (so you’re kind of the last hope here) but nobody believed her. Celebrities are in a lot of stress, they do have stalkers and so on. So nothing could be wrong. Well, in this case, it was the police who was dead wrong: by the time you get there, evil shadow like creatures have taken over the city and you have to save the day! Wow… scary!

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Uhm… unfortunately, not really. I did go into this game looking to be scared and feel my heart racing, but this doesn’t really happen. The shadows are real, the elements are there and the devs probably tried a bit, but this game is not meant to be scary. Which is not a bad thing, not a minus – you just have to know what to expect. And you should expect a TON of purple! I really believe that those who created this game absolutely love the color purple and all its combinations. I’ve never been to Everton in real life, but I am sure it’s not that purple in reality. This is probably the most upsetting thing about the game, but definitely not a deal breaker. Especially if you love purple too!

The hidden object scenes are nice and purple too. They are interactive, which I absolutely loved – and some of the items that you have to find are unique and nice. You will feel great solving the hidden object puzzles and you can customize the difficulty levels to match your playing skills, from Casual to Hard and Custom. You are in full control! Not the same can be said about the minigames: some will be really challenging, but none of them frustrating. It’s pretty obvious that the devs did their best to deliver top quality in this area too and they succeeded, in my opinion: the minigames are smart, challenging, some of them different from the regular ones we get in hidden object games and… well… purple!

The graphics of Dark Dimensions: Shadow Pirouette are absolutely beautiful. Leaving purple-jokes aside (which is difficult), we really get top notch eye candy from Daily Magic Productions – the developers of the game – here. The artwork is great, the animations are flawless and the overall experience is complete. What makes it complete is a solid soundtrack and especially great voiceovers. A good mix for a good game!

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I have played the Standard Edition, so I didn’t get all the bling and extra punches of the Collector’s Edition, but I think it’s well worth the extra money too as it offers 6 Wallpapers, 12 Concept Art pictures, 19 Developer’s Diary photos, 16 Achievements, Figurine Silhouettes, 12 Mini Games, 12 Hidden Object Puzzles, 8 Bonus Puzzles, 6 Soundtracks, a Bonus chapter and replayable scenes. It does sound like good value!

I saw that the reviews for this game are not really the best and I personally believe that other reviewers have been a bit harsh with Dark Dimensions: Shadow Pirouette. It is true that you might go in expecting a bit more in terms of scares, darkness and maybe a different atmosphere and you get a bit too much light and color, but that’s not really a problem. Not even the overuse of the purple tones brings the game down: the story is good, the adventure is great, the graphics and gameplay are up there and you will have fun. That’s all that matters to me and Dark Dimensions: Shadow Pirouette is a fun game!

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2 thoughts on “Dark Dimensions: Shadow Pirouette Review”

  1. I saw all the other (harsh) reviews and then I read yours. I totally agree with YOU!! I’m so glad I bought this game (without the demo too). Im enjoying the storyline and loving the HOS as you did. And yes purple is my favourite colour. So the art work is extra specially done in my eyes
    Thank You So Much for your GREAT REVIEW. Im looking forward to checking out many more from you. (BookMark)

    • I am happy to hear that you agree with me. Reviewing games is clearly based on personal preferences, so I can understand some people not liking all the purple tones… but I am happy that it worked for it. It was, indeed, a game worth playing!


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