Boutique Boulevard Review

Boutique Boulevard is another Big Fish Games exclusive that just got released over at the website and I am here to share with you a review of the game. I am really pleased to see that time management games are being thrown in the mix and we’re not getting bombed with hidden object titles only, so let’s see what Boutique Boulevard is all about and if you should give the game a try!

As the title of the game suggests, your goal in Boutique Boulevard is to turn a small clothing store into the best place for fashionistas. You will have to hire staff, pick the clothes you sell and decorate the store to impress the customers, putting your time management skills to good use.

And indeed you will have to put them to great use as Boutique Boulevard can turn into a real clicking bonanza (and a lot of dragging, too) but I think you kind of expect that to eventually happen when you play a real time management game. My impression, however, about Boutique Boulevard is that it complicates things unnecessarily with all that dragging and dropping, and the classic mechanics of clicking would’ve saved us some time. But maybe it’s the way the developers wanted to increase the challenge level – if so, they didn’t quite hit it with me.

And the challenge level – although pretty high when you progress – is not frustrating or impossible. Especially when you have some goodies to aid you in the quest to turn your small clothes shop into a perfect boutique: train your staff to improve their skills (as greeting customers, selling and so on). You can also personalize the store to make it better looking for the customers and pay close attention to what customers want to make sure that you can make them happy with your products.

Overall, the mechanics of the game are working well and there’s enough variety to keep you playing, but there’s something that somehow doesn’t click right and the overall feeling is not that of a perfect or flawless game.

The graphics don’t help Boutique Boulevard too much either: I personally liked just the way the shop itself looks like and the nice decorations to put on the walls. The characters, the clothes and all the colors are a bit off for me. They seem to basic and too childish – more similar to the graphics you’d expect from a small flash game or a Facebook title, not a downloadable one.

The sound is what you would expect from your regular time management game: so and so. It doesn’t stand out and it tends to get a little annoying after a while, so you’d best have some of your favorite music prepared in case you want to turn it on and listen to something else.

All in all, Boutique Boulevard is not an awful game and certainly deserves to be offered a chance. But my suggestion would be to give it a try first before purchasing and see if the gameplay and graphics suit you because it’s not really “WOW” either – on the contrary! But the truth is that it’s been so long since we got a chance to play a real Time Management game that we could accept almost anything and Boutique Boulevard might fill in perfectly until the next big time management title is released.

If you are curious about the game, you can download it from Big Fish Games.

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