Beyond: Light Advent Review

I love it when new hidden object puzzle adventures are launched and they bring a new type of story and don’t recycle the “missing relative” or “investigate murder” story line that has been done a million times already. Beyond: Light Advent is a game with a nice story, especially if you are into science fiction and definitely a welcomed change, but also offers more on the table: and we’re here to see exactly what it delivers, so read on our Beyond: Light Advent review!

This game was an insta-buy for me from the moment I saw its story. I love something new, and Beyond: Light Advent delivers. Set in the 1950s, in a retro age where UFOs and the fascination towards space and aliens is high, the game puts you in the shoes of Diana, who has an imaginary alien friend since she was little – Nix. It’s only when she becomes and adult that she learns that Nix is not at all an imaginary friend, but a real alien who is telepathically communicating with her: and now he has a warning about the evil World Eaters who are planning to attack and destroy the Earth. With the help of your (real) alien friend, you have to explore a charming world set in the 50s and use your wits and skills to save the planet!

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The story is indeed refreshing and new and I would consider it quite welcome and enough of a reason to get the game. Of course, the gameplay has to be solid too, but it’s good to know that Beyond: Light Advent is created by the same people who brought the Rite of Tales series, so you know that you are in for a treat.

The hidden object scenes are varied and nice, from silhouette guessing to classic list finds and “find 5 x items” types of games, plus the nice mechanic of finding crystals for creating bridges and restoring memories. The scenes themselves are challenging and masterfully drawn and you will love going through them.

We also have various sets of minigames, with puzzles being challenging enough to have you scratching your head a few times: you have maze puzzles, matching puzzles and even dexterity puzzles (you have to drive a motorcycle, for example) and they’ll keep you busy and entertained.

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Visually, the game is pure eye candy. It does seem a bit dark every now and then, but the details are still easy to be seen and you will get used with the less bright settings. Especially if you like all things retro and the feel of the 50s, you will love the looks of the game, as well as the soundtrack and voices.

All in all, Beyond: Light Advent is an adorable game, one you’ll fall in love with from the first moment and one that, just as it happens with a good book, you won’t be able to put down until you reach the end. So get started: Earth needs a savior and it has to be you!

Click here to download Beyond: Light Advent.

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