Best Hidden Object Games for March 2016

This year has rewarded us with one extra day and fortunately it has been put to great use for fans of hidden object, time management and puzzle games as we had some really good releases over the past 29 days. Out of them all, we are selecting a few every month – a few that stand out and we consider must play titles and share them with you. It’s time to do that again and share with you the best hidden object games for March 2016, four titles released in the previous month that are so good that you don’t have to miss out. (Don’t forget to check out our February recommendations in case you missed them!)

They are listed in no particular order, because we’re sure that no matter which one you play first, you’ll love it just as much as you’ll love the others. So let’s check them out below!

Grim Tales: The Heir

best hidden object games march 2016 - 01

You’ve been called to the Gray’s Castle to help your nephew Brandon. His son is missing, and his wife’s fallen into a mysterious coma! It’s up to you to discover what dark forces are at play in your family’s castle. The past and present collide as you look for answers. Do you have what it takes to change the outcome of the future before it’s too late? There’s just one way to find out – click here to start your adventure!

Tales of Terror: Estate of the Heart

Tales of Terror Estate of the Heart review 02

This one was one of my favorite hidden object adventure games released in February and that reflects easily in my review of the game. Extremely well written and charmingly spooky, this ghost tale decides to answer, once and for all if there are ghosts “living” in our world. A must try game, especially if you like the paranormal adventures and you’re not afraid of a few spooky moments here and there. Click here to check it out.

Mystery Tales: Her Own Eyes

best hidden object games march 2016 - 03

Domini Games presents the next haunting installment of the Mystery Tales series! Your crystalline-lens transplant was a success! You can finally see again, but you’re not just seeing the living anymore, you can see the dead as well! Follow in your lens donor’s footsteps to uncover the dark dealings happening in her hometown of Hallstatt, Austria. Girls have been disappearing left and right. Can you help the police find the latest victim, before it’s too late? Find out here.

Danse Macabre: Lethal Letters

best hidden object games march 2016 - 04

You’ve been called to St. Petersburg to help the Count and his fiancée. What should be a simple investigation quickly takes a deadly turn. Now it’s up to you to follow the clues and track down who’s really behind the murders before it’s too late! Head over to Big Fish Games to embark on this adventure!

It’s true that my top picks for the month are games from existing and well known series, but they are great games and, as I said in the opening paragraphs of this article, I am sure you will really love them all!

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