Best Casual Games of 2015 (Hidden Object, Time Management & Match-Three)

Now that 2015 is behind us, it’s time to look back at the best and biggest game releases of the previous year and decide which were the best. Choosing the winners for our best casual games of 2015 awards wasn’t easy because we not only had a ton of game releases in the previous year, but we also had a lot of high quality releases as well! This means that some great games had to simply be left out because of the tight competition, but it also means that our list of best casual games of 2015 really has the top titles you could play during the previous year. The good news? You can play them now if you haven’t done so already, so let’s not waste a single second and let’s check out below the best casual games of 2015!

Please have in mind that the games listed below are in no particular order and we tried to keep things as even as possible between the major casual genres: hidden object adventures, time management and Match-Three, but it was the HOGs that took most of the spots on our list! Either way, I am sure you’ll find at least one game you haven’t played and a total of 10 that you will surely love!

Mystery Case Files: Key to Ravenhearst

01 mystery case files

It’s rumored that Ravenhearst is being resurrected, and the Queen of England herself has called on you to help unlock the mystery. But can you find the key? Follow the dark clues down a twisting and twisted path into Ravenhearst’s horrific past. The future just might depend on it! A brilliant game, one that you must play if you haven’t! Click here to give it a try.

Fear for Sale: Endless Voyage

02 fear for sale

In this ghostly continuation of the Fear for Sale series, you’ve discovered that a luxury ocean liner bears an eerie resemblance to a ship of the same name that vanished years ago. Can you survive its next voyage? Head over to Big Fish Games to find out.

Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love

03 incredible dracula

It turns out even Dracula has an online dating profile, but when his princess turns out a bit different than her picture, Dracula is having second thoughts. He’s not ready for that kind of commitment, but she certainly is! Help Dracula escape the bonds of holy matrimony in 45 unique levels featuring Dracula’s monster friends and the humans trying to capture him. Order your servants to clear obstacles, construct buildings, and negotiate with heroes to make a break for freedom in this hilarious resource time management game! Available here.

PuppetShow: The Price of Immortality

04 puppet show

The Theater of Emotions has earned quite the reputation. It’s known all over France for its menagerie of life-like puppets, but it’s also notorious for all the reporters who have vanished trying to reveal its magical secrets. When your best friend, star reporter Enrique Torres, infiltrates the town to get the scoop of the century, he discovers the truth… only to vanish just as mysteriously as all the others. Now it’s up to you to find him! Click here to start your adventure now!

Hidden Object: Home Makeover

05 hidden object home makeover

Help Emma restore her grandparents’ old house back to its former glory! Make money from garage sales to buy furniture and new fixtures for their old house! An interesting mixture of Match three and hidden object that you have to try out! Click here to download the game and play it.

League of Light: Silent Mountain

06 league of light

When a fellow agent goes missing near the mountain town of Stoneville, you are sent by the League of Light to find her. But you quickly realize this is no ordinary town… Strange rock formations appear out of nowhere, and objects in your hands turn to stone before your very eyes! The village has been cut off from the world for years with no explanation. Why did the townspeople isolate themselves? Find out (and solve the mystery!) here.

Hidden Expedition: Dawn of Prosperity

07 hidden expeditions

Hello, Agent! We have another strange case for you. We’ve detected an unusual signal coming from the vicinity of an old weather station. Strange quakes have been detected there, though the area isn’t an active earthquake zone. The nearby observatory is also showing signs of activity after years of being abandoned. Find out what’s happening – click here to start your adventure.

Weather Lord: Following the Princess

08 weather lord

An old nemesis returns but only as a forbearer of something even more malevolent in the epic Weather Lord: Following the Princess! The power to command powerful weather systems are still yours as you set off on a journey to rescue a princess from captivity, rebuild a ravaged land, and stop a relentless force from destroying the magical Kingdom of Lorraine! Head over to Big Fish Games to give this title a try!

Paranormal Pursuit: The Gifted One

09 paranormal pursuit

Every second counts in this breathtaking paranormal adventure! Lives are on the line as you race to keep a young boy with psychic abilities from falling into the hands of an evil politician. To evade the henchman sent to kill you and kidnap the child, you’ll have to find cleverly hidden objects and solve cunning puzzles using the boy’s abilities to manipulate time and matter. Each chapter in Paranormal Pursuit ends with a nail-biting escape sequence during which you must make the right choices to avoid capture. A really good game that you can play here.

Jewel Match: Twilight

10 jewel match

Unravel this creepy-crawly Match-3 adventure and unveil haunted castles that will leave your spine tingling! Explore vast levels at your own pace with one of three modes to fit your play style, and buy upgrades from the sinister shop to aid you in your travels. Play minigames including hidden object and mahjong to earn bonus money and unlock spooky decorations for each eerie scene! Check it out here.

There you have it! 10 amazing games released in 2015 and our choices for the best casual games of the year awards. If you haven’t played them, make sure to give it a try – you will surely find a new favorite on our list!

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