Awakening: The Skyward Castle Review

It’s time to check out a new episode in Princess Sophia’s adventure in the Awakening series and this time we’re going to check out the Awakening: The Skyward Castle adventure game that’s available from Big Fish Games. Does it rise to the standards? Does it end the story well (or does it end the story at all?) Read on this spoiler-free review and you will find out, plus the answer to the biggest question: should you get the game or not (we’re talking about the Collector’s Edition here).

Awakening: The Skyward Castle tells the story of Princess Sophia who awakens after a magical century-long slumber into a land threatened by an ancient evil. She must overcome many foes, perils and obstacles she meets along the way with only her wit, skill and allies – and find out what happened to her family and people. Can Princess Sophia lift the curse that plagues her people? Find out in this epic conclusion!

Before getting into the game, especially if you’re interested a lot in the plot and story of a title, it’s worth mentioning that it would be best if you played the previous games in the Awakening series because they are connected. However, you can still experience The Skyward Castle without any problems even if you haven’t played them, because there’s a short recap here, but for the full experience it would be best if you tried the previous games too.

And be ready for an adventure and not an Hidden Object Game – in the classic sense of the genre. It’s more of an adventure game with lots of puzzles to be solved and quite some exploring involved, but with Hidden Object scenes and some bonus material for the Collector’s Edition. But more on that later!

Until then, it’s worth mentioning that Awakening: The Skyward Castle comes with the same smart and unique puzzles you started to love in the series (and some are unique to the game!), plus an increased level of difficulty, especially if you go for the hardest mode. But you still have the charming and extremely helpful Pocket Dragon and Owl as our allies, plus other hints that will make our trip a little bit easier. But if you want the puzzles to be a real challenge, go for the hard mode where there is no skip button and you’re in for a treat!

The Collector’s Edition of Awakening: The Skyward Castle comes with a set of impressive bonuses, among which the most important is the Bonus Play which adds some extra time to the play time of the game with new puzzles and some new hidden object scenes.

The artwork of the game is picturesque and beautifully drawn, as in all of the previous titles, with colorful and bright scenes. The soundtrack is really sweet (you also get the 6 tracks in the Collector’s Edition) and the narrator is doing a great job introducing you to the story and giving you the “I’m there and I have to do it” feeling.

And the conclusion of the adventure? Well, I won’t ruin the surprise about how Awakening: The Skyward Castle ends, but all I can say that even though not ending in a cliffhanger, the ending seems to me one that can let room for other games in this series, which I am sure you would all love to happen!

All in all, Awakening: The Skyward Castle is a great adventure game with many puzzles to solve for those who love this kind of title. Hidden Object fanatics might not be as pleased by this game as it clearly has a different focus, despite some unique and rather well done HOS. But I would recommend this game to adventure game fans first and HOS fanatics second. Get the game from Big Fish Games if you want to give it a try.

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