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Our website is promoting links to Big Fish Games titles that you can purchase at regular or promotional prices, depending on the offer. Casual Game Reviews (this blog) receives a small fee for each game sold through these links, which might worry some people about the accuracy and objectivity of the reviews on our blog.

Casual Game Reviews has no direct connection or affiliation with the game developers, nor any kind of deals that force any of our writers to provide anything but their honest opinion on the games that they’re reviewing. This means that all the reviews that we provide offer the true vision of our writers on the given product and are not influenced by the potential of affiliate earnings. In other words, we don’t try to hype things up and make you purchase a crappy game just to make some cents in the process.

We want to build trust and a real community of casual game enthusiasts and such practices would do us no good. So rest assured that the only reason why we have these affiliate links is to pay the bills and not to trick you into purchasing games that are not as good as we make them seem to be. Our reviews are 100% ours, unbiased and honest!

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