2D Mahjong Temple Review

Because of the nature of the game itself, one cannot get too creative when it comes to building a Mahjong game, but they can at least try. I love it when developers do their best to add a personal touch and some extra flavor to a game and fortunately this is the case of 2D Mahjong Temple – a game available for download on Big Fish Games.

Unlike most other Mahjong games you have played, 2D Mahjong Temple actually comes with a nice story of a girl who loses her bunny during the morning prayers and you have to help her get him back. It’s a nice touch, even though it seems to be inserted there just to have a story and break the gameplay a little, because otherwise it has no real connection with the game itself. But it’s an extra challenge: go through the game and see where the story goes…

2D Mahjong Temple review1

Gameplay wise, 2D Mahjong Temple is basic mahjong. It is straightforward, classic mahjong. No helpers, no aid, no extra goodies, no extra shiny stuff around it. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, because sometimes I just want to play my Mahjong game without thinking of achievements, bombs and bonuses or other crazy stuff. So, even though basic and straightforward, the gameplay gets a big thumbs up from me. This is how mahjong has to be played!

The tiles themselves are large and clear and they should not give you any headaches, but the models on the tiles are new to me so you’ll probably need several minutes to get used to them and start seeing the matches. I don’t particularly like them, but I don’t hate them either. It’s a matter of personal taste, of course, and in the end it’s the gameplay that matters the most.

2D Mahjong Temple review2

All in all, this is a good game – one that might be a good choice for Mahjong fans over the world and a version that mixes perfectly new features (like the story) with the classic, basic mahjong gameplay. If you want extra bits and stars and tons of features, look away from this game. But if you want mahjong and nothing else, then do give it a try!

Click here to download 2D Mahjong Temple.

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